As someone who has sold merchandise on Ebay Averaging anywhere from 30-40K a month in GMS, and attainted Platnium Poweseller status there have been a few "General keys" which I attribute to my success. When I first started out and funds were low I dropshipped merchandise through a company called based out of Las Vegas, NV. I had a fair amount of success with this company, however my "AHA Moment", occurred when I realized I could purchase merchandise directly from corporate headquarters in regards to shelf pulls. I personally love shelf pulls which are usually sold for anywhere from $0.42-$0.70 on the dollar depending on the merchandise. Liquidations work a little bit differently here's how. Let's say for example you purchase merchandise from a dept store such as Target and then decide to bring it back. The usually overworked , tired and sometimes unfortunately rude person in Customer Returns will simply refund your money or give your store credit and then simply throw your Camera in a shopping cart where it will be liquidated for $0.25-$0.40 on the dollar. Legally the dept store can no longer just take the merchandise back up and put it back on the shelf and sell it Brand New.even though some still do. Refurbished merchandise in my personal opinion gets a really bad rap. Some of my greatest purchases as a consumer are indeed refurbished. Think about the defective merchandise was returned, and the problems or problems were fixed, usually with a very thorough inspection. So the chances of that merchandise breaking down again are diminished..pretty cool huh? And the best part is you will save a ton a money as a consumer if you elect go purchase refurbished merchandise. However I have found I can command on much higher price on Ebay buy advertising Brand New Factory Sealed merchandise, as opposed to refurbished because of the negative connotation associated with Refurbished merchandise. If anyone wants or needs some insight in regards to selling Ebay please feel free to contact me. I can tell you by personal favorites in regards to software I use on a daily basis when running my Ebay business and a multitude of other things you won't find in some insanely overpriced E-Book.