As a former seller on EBay with over 1600 feedback I have learned several important tips to be successful at auctions. As an EBay seller you need to keep several things in mind as you create auctions and make sales with your buyers. A good seller will use the following tips to gain an advantage over the competition and bring in more revenues. EBay selling isn’t for everyone and it can at times be very frustrating especially for first time sellers who don’t know how the site operates. Give the site time before you give up on your auctions and you will be successful.

Auction Success Tip #1:  Provide Good Descriptions

Your auction needs to have a very good description. People need to know exactly what you are selling and the condition of the item. Don’t rely on the defaults provided for you by EBay, write out everything in the description so your buyer knows exactly what they are getting. If the auction is a piece of clothing for example, mention the size and if it is used or not. Mention any flaws or imperfections in items before you list them. If the item arrives to your buyer and it’s not as it appeared in the auction, your buyer  could get angry at you and leave negative feedback or ask for their money back. They would have good reasons because your auction wasn’t as it was described.

Auction Success Tip #2:   Use Your Own Photographs

Using the default product images provided by EBay or newer items is the lazy way to go about doing it. Provide your own images so the person buying the product can see that you actually own the item and have it for sale. This might not be idea for a big company with tons of products for sale on EBay but for the average seller this can help you. Take a good quality image with a digital camera and if it’s necessary take more than one. This should be done for collectible items where the buyer is interested in quality. For example for sports cards you would take images of the ends of the card and high definition pictures of the entire card surface. These types of details can bring you additional sales so don’t neglect them.

Auction Success Tip #3: Know the Competition

Spend the time to observe your competition and see what is selling. It makes no sense to sell items that are super-saturated in the marketplace because you’ll need to cut costs and you’ll never make any money. If you do sell in a tight market try and see what the items sell for and see if you can meet or beat that price to drive extra traffic to your sales.

Auction Success Tip #4:   Use All Auction Formats

Sometimes you can make a sale by using another type of auction format. Often people don’t want to wait for regular auctions to end so you can use the “buy it now” feature and make a quick sale. Best offer is something else you can use but just note that these are often quite low bids so you need to pick and choose here if you want to accept the offer or not. Buy it now will work if you have plenty of low cost items that you know how much you should be getting for them but at the same time they can drive off sales too you just need to experiment. The buy it now price sometimes gives the impression that the item is priced high or it looks like a retail price.

Auction Success Tip #5 Don’t Go Above Retail Price

Don’t list auctions above retail price because you won’t make any sales. People are pretty smart when it comes to shopping and if your item is too high they will look elsewhere. One area where you can go higher in price is with high-demand items such as a hot game that everyone wants. In these cases you can make a killing on the items that everyone wants, right now. Don’t do this for regular items because it’s just a waste of time and you won’t make sales.

Auction Success Tip #6 Attractive Auctions

Make your auction attractive with various templates. It’s easier to make sales if your auction is well designed where people can read all your information in one area. Don’t use crazy colors, or flashy graphics either just keep it simple for the buyer. A nicely designed auction can help you increase sales so use them where appropriate.

Auction Success Tip #7 EBay Store

Use an EBay store only if you have high volume or plenty of items to sell in the same categories. This will allow your buyers to browse through and they might buy more than one item. You should have at least twenty or more items before this becomes worthwhile as a seller. 

Auction Success Tip #8 Use Weekends to Launch Auctions

Launch your auctions over the weekend on Saturday or Sunday. This works because more people will be at home surfing and you can make more sales this way. Ending your auction at 2:30pm on a Monday is just a stupid idea so use a good time. If you can’t launch on the weekend at least put the auction on after the supper hour when people will be relaxing at home and more apt to buy online.

Auction Success Tip #9 Don’t Dropship

Drop shipping just does not work on EBay. If you don’t have the product and someone buys it you are going to look foolish. Your supplier might go out of stock during the auction and you will be left holding the bag. Avoid drop shipping and get yourself physical products you can sell on your own.

Auction Success Tip #10 Track Everything

It’s a good idea to track everything you sell with tracking numbers even if you sell outside the country. In fact it’s a better idea to just sell in your own country and track what you sell. You run into problems if packages are lost at the border or if the customer has to pay duty on the item. You’ll get complaints and it’s not worth the hassle. If you do sell overseas make sure you can track your items. If your items are low cost this isn’t much of a problem but make sure you can track any expensive item.