Sell On Ebid As An Alternative To Ebay

Ebid Review

If you're sick and tired of the ever increasing eBay fees cutting into your profits and your seeking alternative selling venues, eBid is a site similar to eBay that you should definitely consider. As eBid is a relatively new and lesser known site, you won't get anywhere near the amount of traffic that you get on ebay, but eBid is bound to expand and increase in popularity over time as it is a partner of the Google shopping marketplace.

It is free to create an account and list on ebid, but if you would like to have an ebid store you will need to pay a subscription fee. You can subscribe for a one time life-time membership fee of $49.99. This is a very good deal as it's a ONE off payment, and then you can create as many listings and  ebid stores as you like. Ebid charges a final valuation fee of 2% for every item that you sell, this is the only fee that you will be charged on ebid besides your life-time membership fee, and any additional features that you choose for your listings.

It is easy to create ebid listings and the format of the site is attractive. There are bulk listing upload options if you have a lot of items to list. You can download a spread-sheet from the site for this,or you may download the ebid ninja lister. Like ebay you can choose to list auction style and/or with buy now price. You can run listings anywhere from 3-90 days, or choose to run until sold. There is also an option which allows you to set your listings so that they are automatically re-posted upon ending, this can be set for up to 10 times. Listing options include postage calculator if you plan to sell internationally.

There are additional features that you may choose to promote your listings which will incur a small fee.

Subtitle                            $0.15

Highlight listings            $0.18

Bold listing                     $0.07

Extra photo                    $0.05

Extra Category              $0.05

You will be able to import seller feedback one time only from your ebay seller account or other.

As a seller on eBid i really think that it's a great alternative to eBay, primarily because of the potential to make more proffit on sales due to considerably less fees compared to ebay. As i said previously you will find that you get a lot less traffic to your listings on eBid than you might on ebay, but it's not going to cost you anything, sales will just be slower.