In the traditional world of publishing, you need to toil for years before a manuscript of yours is even CONSIDERED for publication. If you are a new writer, it will be even more difficult because publishers would rather work with a writer they've worked with before than with a writer that nobody knows. It doesn't matter how good your manuscript is. It could be better than most of the books put out by the publisher you are targeting. Book publishing is above all a business. Profitability is the top priority. If you are a new writer (no matter how good a writer you are), you are a huge risk in the eyes of publishers.

This is why a lot of writers and content creators are taking the business-side of their works in their very own hands. They take full control of the creation, marketing and selling of their works. This is called ebook publishing. Instead of courting publishing companies, you simply publish your book on your own via the internet in the form of an ebook. It is a very unconventional publishing strategy but it worked for a countless number of writers and content creators. If it worked for them, why can't it work for you. Besides, there's too little risk involved so there is no reason why you should not give it a shot.

What is an ebook?

What exactly is an ebook? In the simplest of terms, it's a book that you can read online or via an electronic device like the popular Amazon Kindle. Normally it's in PDF format.

The Advantages of Ebook Publishing

1) Getting your ebook available in the market is much quicker and easier. Once the ebook is finished, you can pretty much sell it online right away. You can set up a blog or a website where you can promote and sell it. Or you can use online companies where you can place your ebook in their product lists.

2) You keep majority if not all of the profits from the sale of your ebook. You don't have to content yourself with royalties.

3) Startup costs are very minimal. Unlike in the offline world, you don't have to print more books to be able to sell more. Once your ebook is finalized, all customers have to do is purchase and download it.

4) The availability of numerous online marketing tools and resources. What's great about these tools and resources is that they are often free to use. They include search engine optimization, online article directories and social media sites.

5) You have the option to offer your ebook to a global market. There are no limits as to where you want to sell your ebook. You can sell to anyone from anywhere around the world. You don't have to worry about the ordering, customer billing, and product shipping because there are a lot of companies both online and offline that allow you to engage in international transactions both smoothly and safely.


Ebook publishing is still at its early stages so it's a growing market. As more and more people become tech-savvy, the demand for ebooks will likely grow up as well. Publishing your content in the form of an ebook is indeed a great publishing alternative.