- Large memory allows hundreds or even thousands of stored books (some readers support external memory)

- High Contrast screen makes reading comfortable inside and out. Customization of font and size is an added bonus for those who are hard of seeing.

-Wifi and 3g bookstore allow books to be purchased and downloaded without the need for a computer (making your potential library size much larger).

- Better for the environment.


The cons of the ebook are really the pros of the standard book.

Baterry life - no matter how long will never match the permenance of the written word.

Library services are limited for ereaders at this time.

DRM (Digital Rights Management) makes it a lot more difficult to simply let your friend borrow a book.

If you drop your ereader or get caught in a rainstorm chances are you will wish you were carrying a book.

The speed of page turns is significantly slower on an ereader and takes time to get used to.

Full Review

There has been a lot of buzz recently over ereaders such as the Amazon Kindle and the Borders Kobo Reader. These readers are now attractively priced and offer the convenience of WiFi or 3G to download the books. Amazon said last year that its Kindle book sales eclipsed its sales of hardcover books and its no wonder. A new hardcover typically can be anywhere from the low $20 to the high $40; the electronic version of the same book can be as little as a few dollars, most typically $9.99.

In Closing

As usual I was an early adopter and purchased an ereader. I read 2 full length novels and experienced the beauty of the "added features" an ebook has, such as a built in dictionary. I did however end up with a lemon. The bottom portion of my screen permanently frooze and I had to send it back.

It seems for now I will stick to paper books where there is a level of security as far as them "just working goes". I did however enjoy the screen, the lightweight, and the fact that I could shop anywhere and anytime I needed a new book.

When this does take off, someone will need to develop some new media that can take up space on my bookshelves.