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The Ecco Bella brand launched itself to counter the market offerings made available to the public at the expense of innocent creatures (in animal testing and the torturous “extraction” of animal “ingredients”). Their green brand currently extends lipsticks that are organic, gluten-free – and, with the exception of the red shades, cruelty-free. They also place a great deal of emphasis on the health of the lips that bear their tints – their Lips Smoothers are vitamin e packed with eight tocopherols and tocotrienols. Their lip crayons contain Vitamin A and enjoy vegetable wax in the place of beeswax. They're also FD&C dye and paraben free.

Ecco Bella's line of flower color lipsticks offer a more subtle tint to the lips. The lipsticks share a vegetable wax base with their lip crayons and utilize ingredients that are creamy and sumptuous on the lips rather than tight and dry.



The colors are as long-lasting – if not longer – than the industrial chemical-laden lipsticks on the market without drying the lip surface. It's not thick or sticky like some ethical lipsticks, and it is creamy enough to protect lips from the elements. The Flower color line is light on the lips and stays in place throughout the day.


Packaging and Price-point

Ecco Bella packages their lipsticks in a classy, black tube with a cool price-point of 15.95 per tint. The product stretches easily through regular use for up to eight months.


The Green Factor

Ecco Bella's done a respectable job providing mostly vegan, cruelty-free, green options in their cosmetic line. The main shortcoming is the red lipsticks that contain insect-derived carmine and the products that contain beeswax. Fingers-crossed they'll find a way beyond this blip (maybe with iron oxides or another natural pigment for the red lipsticks and candellila wax that doesn't interrupt bee populations) and become a completely vegan line.

All of the lipsticks in their line are vegan with the exception of: Claret, Pink Rose, Tuscany Rose, Mauve Rose, Napa grape, Good for you gloss in Pleasure and Passion, Burgundy Rose and Orchid Rose blushes, Beige and medium cover up sticks (they're made with beeswax), and Cranberry, Crimson, Raspberry Port, and Great pink lip crayons.

There are plenty of other colors that don't contain carmine ranging from caramel to chocolate, almond, cafe au lait latte, and peach frost.


Despite some products that aren't quite all the way green/ethical, Ecco Bella is doing a tremendous job providing a market for holistic beauty products. And, for those who don't want to wade through products to find the Vegan offerings, they've even provided a tab that collects all of their herbivorously-sound products in one easy to find category. Ecco Bella gets a B for an exceptional line that will only get better when it's completely green and cruelty-free (zero animal products).

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