One of the greatest influences in my life is Eckhart Tolle. Who is Eckhart Tolle you might ask. Eckhart is a German spiritualist that emphasizes that you must life in the now. He has also appeared in the Oprah Winfrey show and Oprah is a big fan of his book: The Power of Now. His techniques have made millions of persons happier in life. The purpose of this article therefore is to give you a basic introduction to the teachings of Eckhart Tolle.

The Now

Eckhart always emphasized that we have to life in the now. He means with this that you always focus on the present moment, not on some past event or what you want to do in the future. The only moment you can truly control is the now. You can never change the past, no matter how much you think of it.


People also have the tendency to resist the situation they are in, if they dislike it. However by resisting the present moment, the problems will not go away. For example, if a car alarm goes off in your neighborhood, you can be very annoyed about it and complain continuously, but this will not change the situation. This is useless resistance. Resistance will only make you feel worse and dwell on the situation even more.  It is better to realize this is an external element you cannot control.

The Painbody

One thing Eckhart also likes to discuss is the Painbody. This accumulated pain is a negative energy field that occupies your body and mind. It is an intangible entity with its own right. It can be in two states: dormant and active. The pain body wants to survive, just like every other entity in existence, and it can only survive if it gets you to identify with it. You can fight the Painbody by being in the now. The Painbody cannot survive when you are continuously in the present moment.

Unified hole

Eckhart also preaches that we must see the world as a unified whole, instead of seeking shelter in judgments, labels and justifications.  You do not have to label and judge everything you see.  You are much better capable to observe what’s going on around you when you stop this occupying process of judging everything and everyone.  This will even improve your memory, because your brain will be more able to recall times when you were in the present moment.