Eclipse ego paintball marker


Improved LCD - a display that is easy to read .

Peak Rate of Fire Indicator - There are 2 indicators to choose from, one giving you the "True" balls per second and/or peak rate of fire. This is stored and you can show off your firing power.

Adjustable Trigger - You can adjust the trigger activation and release easily, with the software on board.

Waterproof Coating on the circuit board and Thicker too!

Longer Battery Life

Powerful Microprocessor - with good memory and power saving features.

Sleek Design

Incredibly accurate


Quick Release Bolt making it easy to clean


tends to be loud

Full Review

Are you tired of being stuck in the same old renters crowd? Sick of having to constantly clear a jam in your paintball marker or clear broken paint from it? Then you need to check out the Planet Eclipse Ego Paintball Marker.

This is a quality built marker, and many will tell you, it is one of the best paintball guns on the market. You will never hit its peak rate of fire, and it is incredibly accurate. You will have your opponents wishing they were on your team.

This review is on the Planet Eclipse Ego 06 Paintball Marker.

It is definitely a well built paintball gun, loaded with great features, and is tournament grade. If you are seriously into the game, then you will love the Eclipse Paintball Markers. You have the ability to make adjustments on its firing rate, but you also can switch back to factory settings among other great features.

It consistently shoots accurate, and with next to no kick, very steady, it also gets more shots per tank, then most other paintball guns.

There are newer models of the Eclipse Paintball Markers on the market now, but also at a higher price. You are looking at approximately 1200 to 1400 dollars for a new one. But these Eclipse Ego Paintball Markers were made so well, that the user of this 06 model, even after 4 years of steady use, is still loving it and using it. It gets good results and would totally recommend this model. It still commands respect at a tournament or game.

If you are just breaking into the paintball scene, then you can try it out with the rentals first. If you get bitten by the bug and want to get into this sport, and especially tournaments, then you can purchase the earlier models of the Eclipse Paintball markers within the used market with confidence.

You can start your search at the local Pro shops. This might be the best place to try, as they will have been cleaned and serviced and you will be able to check them out in person. Many people will trade up to newer models, so you should be able to get a deal on a older model, but don't worry that you are trading off quality with an older model, because these Eclipse Paintball markers are high quality and were made to last.

Or you can also get them online with such sites as Ebay and Amazon, for many different models of the Eclipse Paintball Gun. You can also check the Eclipse site for the latest models and information on their Paintball Markers.

The Eclipse Ego 06 Paintball Marker can be found for approximately 400 dollars in the used market.

In Closing

So, if you are tired of clearing jams and broken paint balls from your present paintball marker, and if you want the competition shaking, then let them see you with a Planet Eclipse Ego Paintball Marker. With its accurate firing and sleek design, they will want to be on your team!