Eclipse Movie


well made, good character development, age appropriate, entertaining


specific genre, tageted audience

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Eclipse Movie

If you are a viewer like me who saw the first two Twilight Saga films and were confused what the fuss was all about, don't worry, the third edition to the Saga will answer that question for you.

Not in a bad way, oh no, in a very can't-believe-this-actually-was-good way. When I went to see the film I honestly only went because I had a free ticket and nothing else looked good to me at the time that I wanted to go see a movie. I went by myself, which I haven't done my entire marriage, but was something that I used to do a lot actually, I'm afriad to admit. (If you haven't ever gone to a film by yourself... you should definitely try it! Skip the drama of arranging schedules, picking a movie, and arriving on time with 12 seats next to each other! I also feel I should mention that I am a mommy of a 1 year old so a movie alone is a great treat!)

Besides the noisy group of teenagers that came late to the movie and sat behind me the whole time chatting, I was happily surprised with the outcome of the movie! It is probably not one of the higher budget films in the industry today but for it's creation I thought it was well done and perceived correctly. Having not read the books myself, I couldn't give an accurate description of the translation from book to film but from a picky viewer I would say that the integrity of the story was kept in this film.

I thought the visual special effects of the movie were done well for, like I said, the budget but also for this genre. Because the movie is part romantic part horror I thought the filmmakers did a good job portraying the scenes and characters. The scenes were descriptive and strikingly visual as well as unpredictive character development. Nobody likes a movie with cheesy effects and a predictful plot. This movie was sufficiently successful as far as entertaining the targeted demographic as well as the not targeted demographic (me).

So, having seen the movie, been satisfied with it's end result, I only want to go back and rewatch the previous movies to see what I missed from them and to better appreciate the third film and the whole Twilight Saga for that matter!

In Closing

I would recommend this film to the Twilight Saga fan as well as the average viewer as an entertaining film to see this summer.