Public Speaking through Toastmasters Club

Toastmasters Club

A year ago, a very good friend of mine introduced and convinced me to join Toastmasters.  Then I replied, “What’s that?  Is it an organization of saucy individuals?”  I jokingly uttered.  Honest to goodness, I really don’t have a good background of what Toastmaster really is.


But somehow, he was very persistent in convincing me to join and even presented me the reasons why I should.  “First, if you join the club, you can improve your public speaking skills.”  And I reacted, “Who needs public speaking skills if you’re an Engineer.  It is not needed in my work and besides, I have no plans in running for a public seat anyway.”


I build walls and walls of defiance to prevent me from being persuaded.  In short, I am not interested.  But he forcefully continued talking even though I’m not listening.  However, I just wondered why I remember the last part of his statement and I quote, “Toastmasters will give you an extraordinary amount of confidence if you will join.  Just try it out”


It made me think twice.  And I told myself, “Ahhhh, confidence!! why not give it a shot?”  “There’s no harm in trying!”  And so I did.


Few months had passed after I officially joined the club, I started to grab some roles every meeting, deliver my basic speech project and attending the meeting every other Thursday as much as possible.  At first, I found no problems in managing all of these until the time when my work load started to ramp up.  It required me to render more time to work to finish my assigned tasks.  This messed up my entire schedule and the steam of adversity starts to surface


During these difficult moments, I had identified that if I will quit Toastmasters, my life would be easy.  Despite feeling down emotionally, I challenged the difficulty and go the opposite way.  With persistence and belief, I was able to juggle my work load and at the same time do my job as a Toastmaster member.


This gave me a rewarding feeling such that everything just feels right and I can’t do anything wrong.  It is the effect of the amazement of how I was able to make it despite all the show stoppers along the way.


Joining Toastmasters exposed me to the fact that I was still very far from reality of being a good communicator.  However, the effects of this reality were mostly positive.  One of which is the awakening of my inner desire to continuously learn.  Another one is the improvement of my ability to convey information.  And lastly, I learned to become more responsible.


I am giving all the great appreciation to the person who diligently convinced me to join this wonderful club.  I am totally a different person now compared to what I looked like a year ago.  I used to be afraid of challenges and problems before.  But now, I can handle that.  Problems and challenges only exist if you set limitations to your capability. 


Dealing with one’s limitation is not easy.  It is like defying gravity but if you can pull it off, you can learn to fly.

*Note: Delivered by Ed Bas Jr. as Basic Speech #5