Become an Eco-Friendly Driver - Carpool

Saving the environment while saving money is on everyone's mind. There are many ways people can be more eco-friendly. One place to start the environmentally friendly movement is from behind the wheel. Transportation causes more pollution than any business or outlet. When buying a new energy efficient car isn't in the budget you can still be eco-friendly by following these tips to increase gas mileage and lower pollution.

There are some simple solutions that can take time to implement, but are worth the effort. Carpooling is a very eco-friendly way to save money on gas, reduce traffic congestion, and lower the amount of green house gas emissions. Join or start a car pool at work or in your neighborhood. Another way to carpool is to take the bus or train. Even if the answer is to go to a park-n-ride to take the bus the amount of miles driven is less which decreases your carbon footprint.

A Canadian study has shown that idling the car for more than ten seconds uses more gas than turning the car off and restarting it. It also gives off more carbon monoxide and green house gas emissions. Since every driver has to idle in traffic at some time the best time to implement changes in idling time is to stop going through drive-thru for lunch, coffee, and even pharmacies. Convenience has turned into pollution. Calculate the amount of time spent waiting in drive-thru lines over a year to realize if everyone started parking and going inside it would have a huge impact. Plus, it counts as exercise to get out of the car and walk inside.

Another way to be more eco-friendly and save money is to drive the speed limit. Driving the speed limit and reducing aggressive driving or being a lead foot will normalize gas mileage and stop the worry about getting a speeding ticket. When traveling with luggage it's more efficient to pack it inside the car versus in the trunk or using a car rack because it keeps the aerodynamics of the car intact. Keeping scheduled maintenance of vehicles helps them run better, so service your car regularly. One easy way to increase gas mileage and save money is by checking the air in the tires. Keeping the car's tires at the appropriate level not only makes driving safer, but it is a money saver.

There are many ways to go green while driving. Instead of using the air conditioning in the vehicle roll down the window or use the air conditioning only when necessary. Driving with the windows rolled down can also decrease the gas mileage, but it's better to be mindful about the air conditioning because it uses chemicals and lowers gas mileage more than the windows. Overuse can also cause the car to overheat in certain conditions. By following these steps you can become an eco-friendly driver, save money, increase your gas mileage, and lower pollution.