Even if you’re one of those ladies who needs a good two hours to get ready before they head out, there are ways that even the fussiest of fashionistas can help to cut energy costs from their beauty routine, and implement a few green techniques to make their overall routine more eco-friendly. Here are some easy energy-saving tricks to add to your daily beauty routine.


Vampire Appliances - No, vampire appliances aren’t evil curling irons that go on the offensive. Rather, they are appliances that continue to use energy when plugged into the wall, even if they aren’t turned on. Curling irons, flat irons, and blow dryers are total vampire appliances. Plug them in when you need to use them, and unplug immediately when you are finished. Avoid hot rollers or appliances that need to stay on for long periods of time; they are total energy wasters, and by eliminating them from your beauty regimen, you’ll begin to notice a drop in your monthly energy bill.


Lighting - So many women have a complicated lighting system surrounding their vanity or in their bathroom, designed to give them the correct lighting for makeup application. These lighting schemes make energy bills skyrocket, and what’s worse, they don’t even give the ideal light for makeup application. For the perfect lighting scheme, do your makeup in an area of your room where you get a lot of natural, eco-friendly sunlight. Not only will this cost your zero dollars on your energy bill, but it also gives the ideal lighting for makeup application. If this lighting system is a bit too dim for your tastes, add one lit makeup mirror, and be sure to unplug between uses.


Reduce Water Use - The simplest way to green-ify your beauty ritual and cut down on costs is by reducing your overall water usage. This entails shorter showers, which may seem intimidating to some fashionistas who’ve grown accustomed to hour-long bathing rituals. There are plenty of innovative beauty products that can help you cut down on the time you spend in the shower, including dry shampoos and waterless facial cleansers. If you still can’t imagine reducing your shower time to under a half hour, try to simply be conscious of time during your morning shower. Even if you can only shave ten minutes off of your showering time, you will see a difference in your water bill, and you will be helping the environment.


It may be difficult for some beauty divas to begin making eco-friendly changes to their beauty routines, but if you are willing to put in the effort, the reward will be in a smaller energy bill and the satisfaction that comes with making even the tiniest measures to go green. You can take the first step in making your beauty regimen more eco-friendly right now: Make sure that any hair appliances or makeup lamps are unplugged and not sucking energy that they don’t need.