Green is in this summer, and that goes not just for the food that you eat but also for the summer activities lined up for you. And summer is incomplete without some fun backyard grilling and picnic with family and friends. The great thing is that you can go green even for your staple summer backyard grilling.

People have often debated which is the better choice for eco-friendly summer backyard grilling – should it be gas grill, charcoal grill, or electric grill? Each of these grills have its own pros and cons when it comes to being eco-friendly, so it is important to take a closer look at their merits.

Choosing your 'green' grill

One of your options is gas grills. They make use of non-renewable fossil fuels like natural gas and petroleum. They also emit less smoke, making them eco-friendly. Other benefits in using gas grills include minimal cleanup, quick start times, perennial usability, and temperature consistency. Most gas tanks are refillable so you will not have any difficulty finding these. You should invest in high-quality gas grills that are also energy efficient.

You can also choose charcoal grills, also known as wood grills. Although these grills are very popular because they add flavor to the food, they cannot exactly be called eco-friendly at first glance. A study taken by the Department of Energy’s Natural Laboratory shows that charcoal grills release twice as much carbon into the air compared to ordinary gas grills. Aside from carbon, charcoal grills also release particulate matter into the air, which can be detrimental to the health if a person is exposed to it for a long period of time. Perhaps charcoal grills may not be on top of your list when it comes to eco-friendly summer backyard grilling, but it can still be an option since lump charcoal is produced from wood.

If you want to totally go green, the best option that you have is electric grills. However, you should be wary of these because they can have the highest GHG footprint if you have traditional sources of electricity. This is the best choice if your home power is also green. The specifications are similar to gas grills in terms of cooking time, flavor, and temperature control.

New trends for eco-friendly summer backyard grilling are currently arising, such as hybrid grills and pellet grills. These types of grills optimize electricity while also accommodating tiny amounts of wood and charcoal to add flavor to your food.

Top eco-friendly grills

With all the grills that you are available in the American market, it will be a pretty difficult task finding the one that is perfect for your eco-friendly summer backyard grilling needs. Here is a rough list of the top grills that are being purchased by people who want to be environment-friendly.

Helios solar grill – Just like the name implies, this grill makes use of solar power that is renewable. The design itself shows how innovative and futuristic this invention is, but its size is only that of the normal charcoal grill, so space will not be a problem. There is a parabolic dish attached to the grill that accumulates solar energy that is used to grill your foods. If solar energy is not enough, don’t worry because you can still use this grill using a retractable electrical plug.

    Helios Solar Grill(58353)

    FlameDisk – If you are a fan of charcoal grilling, then you can still go green with this one. It is cost-efficient and makes use of plant-based ethanol instead of charcoal. There is no warm-up time required for this grill, and it has a cooking time of 40 minutes and only requires 10 minutes of cooling before you can start up another favorite dish.


      Hydro-que – This is a hydrogen-powered grill which does not need harmful propane or charcoal to work. In simple words, you only need water to cook your food using this eco-friendly grill. Although it is a bit costly at $495 compared to other grills, it will all be worth it considering the savings you will get from using water instead of fuel.