Eco-friendly Shopping: Green Products or Guilt Shopping

Have you noticed that everything these days is all about eco-friendliness and green products? It seems everyone wants to save the planet. The question is, why are we so worried about the environment? Is it because we have been made to believe that our existence is linked to how we protect our earthly home? Whatever your reasons are, eco- friendly shopping has become a trend.

Some parents have been trying to teach their children the importance of recycling. It is not only about being careful with what you do with your rubbish; more parents are spending money on eco- friendly shopping. They are spending money on eco-friendly pencils and pens; recycled schoolbooks and many more. The problem with this is, how eco-friendly are these products? It is often very difficult to know or to find out the impact these purchases have on the environment. At times, people don't really don’t know and don’t care about the impact eco-friendly products have. How do you go about measuring how buying green products actually help the planet? It is very difficult to measure. Some people do it because they feel guilty and because they feel they have a moral duty to help perpetuate green living.

Some people have taken their green way of life into even spending their money on green cars. What does it mean to buy a green car? It is not that your car will not pollute, but you will be helping to reduce global warming. Is buying a green car or an eco-friendly car really effective? It might help alleviate your guilt but the fact is there is no such thing as an eco-friendly car. That doesn't mean you shouldn't buy into the idea of eco-friendly products as long as it is not more expensive than your regular car.

What about eco-friendly homes? Most eco-friendly homes are built with the intention to save energy. That is to say you can heat your house using solar panels, having double glazed windows during the winter months; recycling the water used in the house and generally reducing waste. Like all eco-friendly products or initiatives, you still have to pay a hefty price. That is probably one of the reasons why green leaving or eco-friendly ideas have been slow to win many people over.

Eco-friendly products are not always about saving the planet. Some of these initiatives are meant to create jobs, create guilt, create certain awareness and finally make someone somewhere very rich.