Kids just love the summer. There are a lot of eco-friendly summer activities do both indoors and outdoors instead of just sitting at home and playing video games all day long. It does not necessarily have to be a trip to the wilderness or a full-blown camping trip (though those are definitely exciting options). In fact, it can be as simple as recycling materials or just putting up a small vegetable patch in your backyard. This way, you won’t even have to leave the comforts of your own home just to have some worthwhile activities this summer.

Summer activities
Credit: Flickr/By Looking&Learning
  • Get a garden growing. This tops the list as one of the most eco-friendly summer activities that you can do with your children. Although the summer is a little late to start the whole gardening process from plowing and planting the seeds, you can still plant some herbs in a window box. If you have already started a garden, then this is the time to include your kids in the process. They will be able to appreciate where their food comes from, and they will also develop a penchant for organic food. 

  • Convert your trash to treasures. Want to get rid of all the clutter in your house? Instead of throwing them all away into the trash bins, why not try recycling them instead? Let your son keep his old shoebox and recycle it as a container for his keepsakes. Encourage your daughter to make bracelets out of stray beads that you keep at home. Who knows, your children might have other innovative ideas regarding recycling, so it is best to involve them in the process.

  • Arrange a “cultural” tour. This does not necessarily mean going tribe-hunting and mingling with indigenous people, though you can have that as an option. It can be as simple as visiting your local library and museum and in the process, imbibing in them a love for words and art. Children these days are so engrossed with computers and other gadgets that the culture of reading and appreciating art is being lost in their systems. Accompanying them to the museum gives them an opportunity to marvel on things that we call art. In addition, instilling in them the habit of reading is a great idea so as to develop their young minds. Also, there are local libraries that arrange special eco-friendly summer activities which your kids might be interested in joining.

  • Go hiking. Both your young and old kids will enjoy a summer hiking activity. Younger kids will do well on a short hike, where they can marvel about a lot of different things that excite their senses. Older kids can travel for long distances, and you can teach them about taking care of nature and being resourceful. If you are not a fan of hiking, an alternative to hiking is going on eco-outings, such as going on a field trip to the natural conservatory or provincial park. Don’t forget to bring a camera with so as to document all the wonderful things that you are going to see along the way.

  • Go stargazing. Your activities do not have to end at nighttime. You can set up a telescope in your own backyard and look for stars. If you don’t have a telescope, you can just lie back on the grass and point at the constellations that you can make out with your bare eyes. Stargazing is more than just looking at the starts during cloudless evenings; it also educates them about the stars, the different constellations, and the solar system.

These are just some of the eco-friendly summer activities that you can engage with your kids. For sure, you will still be able to think of other creative ideas that you can do without damaging the environment.