One of the best ways to start your summer is through giving your house (and all your belongings) a good cleaning. Even though you clean your house every week, it is still a good idea to do the extra cleaning, and that includes every small crevice in your house. This is your chance to clean your walls, windows, ceilings, and attic, if you have one. You can also do some extra chores in your yard, such as pruning, raking, and weeding. And you can do all these things while being kind to the environment. Here then are some eco-friendly cleaning tips to jump start your summer cleaning.

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  • Plan it all out. Before you get out there and start removing your junk, sit down first and have a plan ready. This is perhaps one of the best summer cleaning tips that you need to keep in mind. Cleaning without planning is like going to battle without a clue what to do. Some of the things that you need to plan are as follows: What is your target date for finishing your cleaning? How many days does that leave you for cleaning? How much time are you willing to devote per day to cleaning? Will you have helpers? And perhaps, the most important question is, what’s your budget? No matter how big or small your budget is, the great thing about eco-friendly summer cleaning is that you will be able to find green cleaning supplies that suit your budget.

  • Divide your tasks. Now that you have your plan laid out, one of the eco-friendly cleaning tips that might be useful to you is to take it by sections. Divide your house into rooms or sections so that you do not get overwhelmed by the gargantuan task ahead of you. It helps you manage your time and your resources. By taking it in sections, you can easily see the progress of your summer cleaning task. This also works well if you are on a budget because your time is structured so that there is enough time for you to purchase some eco-friendly cleaners needed for your task.

  • Purge, recycle, or sell. Purging may not exactly be eco-friendly, but you are doing a favor to yourself if you get rid of all the things that are already unusable and beyond repair. Save yourself some space and throw them all in the trash bin. If you think you can still transform it into something useful, by all means, go ahead and recycle it. Another option is to sell it to other people, who might find your trash useful. Conduct a garage sale and watch your trash become someone else’s treasure. You can even donate some of your old and unwanted items to charities. 

What else can you clean during the summer? Aside from your house, you should also consider cleaning your other belongings. Other summer cleaning tips include cleaning your car, your lawnmower, your backyard, and your fence. You can even remove some age-old stains in your clothing. There is just an abundance of things that you can clean during the summer.

Also, in choosing the eco-friendly products that you are going to use for cleaning, start first by removing toxic products under your kitchen sink. Instead, replace them with nontoxic and biodegradable alternatives. There are a lot of green cleaning products circulating in the market these days, so you will surely have little difficulty finding these. Also, instead of using sponges, why not use rags and old shirts that you can dispose of afterwards? You can save money by doing this. And lastly, don’t forget to conserve water when cleaning as it is a precious natural resource.