Energy Efficient Electronic Appliances Can Help in Saving Money on Energy Bills

All appliances used in the offices or at home need to be plugged into some energy source to enable them to function in a proper way. Almost the entire world is now plugged into some kind of energy source, so there is an increasing need to build energy efficient appliances everywere. Many appliances are already there in the market and are becoming quite popular. 

In the earlier days, only “powerful” energy guzzler machines used to rule the market and they consumed tons of energy. Due to the rising cost of energy, and concern for our ecosystem, now people are interested in energy efficient appliances. With popular programs like Energy Star, people have now become aware of the importance of energy efficient appliances. There are many federal programs that offer liberal rebates and disposal options for buying new energy efficient appliances. 

However, energy efficient appliances are not just limited to microwaves, washing machines or refrigerators. Many small appliances, such as DVD players, thumb drives and TV’s are now being made energy efficient. In fact, great advancement has been made in the filed of television, and now big screens using tiny amount of electricity are becoming popular amongst the masses. 

Many buyers may find such energy efficient appliances expensive, but in the long run, they save thousands of dollars on energy bills. Some of the energy efficient appliances that are worth spending your hard earned money for:

1. Microwaves- This appliance is used day after day in your kitchen and the latest energy efficient models can make considerable difference to your monthly energy bill. So, please don’t mind spending few extra bucks for such appliances. 

2. Universal Power Strip –Considerable amount of electricity is wasted in keeping the appliance plugged without any usage. Sometimes, this is known as “Vampire Energy” that is consumed even when the device is turned off, but is plugged in an outlet. Power strip is basically an outlet extension that allows you to add many electronics. There is an on and off switch on the strip that can help you in turning off this strip when the appliance is not in use. You can turn several appliances connected to single strip using just one button! 

3. Efficient Showerhead –Many energy efficient showerheads are becoming quite popular these days. They consume less power for heating water for each of your shower.

4. Air Conditioning using Evaporative Technology – These are latest energy efficient air conditioning units. They can increase the cooling efficiency by reducing any need for draining condensation. There are no drips in these systems, so they make much better use of vapor that is present in the air.

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