Hemp is an easily renewable source of wood, paper, and fabric. 20 acres of hemp will produce 3 times the amount that 20 acres of trees would. The hemp can also be harvested every 3 months or so. Shoes made of hemp fiber are very popular in some circles. Here are some of the shoe choices you have available when you want to buy some hemp shoes.

Eco ShoesIpath Cats

Zappos offers a few brands of shoes that are made of hemp fiber. One of the hemp shoes they offer are the Ipath Cats. It is a skate inspired show that is great for everything from skating, bmx'ing, to just wandering around the mall. The Ipath Cats come with your choice of uppers including hemp.

Simple ToeMorrow

SimpleShoes.com offers many vegan, hemp, and Eco friendly shoes. The Simple Shoes website offers many of their shoes in large sizes up to size 15. Size 15 is hard to find for hemp shoes. The Simple Shoes model called the ToeMorrow is a casual shoe made with hemp. The ToeMorrow hemp shoes contain tiny bumps inside the shoe that work to massage your feet as you walk in them.

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars Made With Hemp

The Iconic canvas shoe with vulcanized rubber sole is available with hemp. You can find the Chuck Taylor All-Stars in a hemp versions at online retailers such as Amazon.com

Adidas Trapper Evolution

The Adidas Trapper Evolution is a hemp based skate shoe made by the Adidas shoe company. The Trapper Evolution is hard to find. It is one of the greatest hemp skate shoes ever made.

There are many shoe companies that sell hemp shoes. The most popular is the Simple Shoes company. Simple Shoes sells a wide range of shoes. They have hemp shoes as well as Eco friendly tanned leather shoes. Simple Shoes has a wide range of sizes also. It is hard for someone who wears a size 14 or 15 shoe to find hemp or Eco friendly shoes but the Simple Shoes company offers a huge choice of shoes for those who wear large sizes.

Zappos sells some Simple Shoes but if you go directly to the Simple Shoes website you will usually find a larger selection as well as larger sizes. If you have never wore Simple Shoes made of hemp then you will be in for a treat.

Hemp Shoes are easily washable but make sure you let them dry naturally. Do not ever stick your hemp shoes in the dryer.

Image Credit: (Flickr/house of sims)