Eco Friendly Hemp Messenger Bags

Eco Friendly Hemp Shopping Bags

For those who want to save the planet, stop the destruction of earth, and rehabilitate the environment, then eco friendly hemp bags are for you. Organic bags are sometimes called green bags. A recommended, stylish, strong, eco friendly bag that will outlast others are hemp messenger bags. These eco friendly messenger bags are derived from hemp, a product that is usually pesticide and animal cruelty free. Using hemp bags is good for the environment. Hemp has been used for centuries to make clothing, rope, and other items, as it is one of the strongest fabrics out there. Hemp enables the manufacturing of tough, well-made products, so an organic hemp messenger bags is the perfect product.

Hemp grows very fast without the use of pesticides. When hemp is woven into fabric the result is soft, durable, and breathable. There are many organic hemp bag styles, so you can get messenger bags, cross body bags, shopping bags, tote bags, backpacks, iPad bags, purses, coin purses, and many other hemp bags and products. Using eco-friendly, organic hemp bags is good for everyone.

Hemp Messenger Bags

Organic hemp messenger bags are sometimes called hippie bags. Hemp messenger bags are usually uniquely designed. While shopping for a hemp messenger bag take note of whether the manufacturer is providing 100% hemp, hemp and canvas, or something else. Hemp can be spun into other fabrics, so checking tags or reading online descriptions are important according to your taste. Whether you like hemp messenger bags because they are better for the environment or you appreciate hemp does not matter as long as you find the right hemp bag.

Simple Shoes Hemp Messenger Bags

Simple bags are environmentally friendly bags made by the Simple Shoes company. One of their most popular and best rated customer products is the Simple Shoes Blottoe hemp messenger bag. It has pockets for your iPod, an eyelet for using headphones without getting them tangled up, and it also has zippers using PET bases (PET=recycled plastic bottles). The Simple Combover is a compact hemp messenger bag that comes in lightened black or brown. This bag can easily work as a purse for women or a travel bag for men. It looks very unisex and accommodating. The Simple Overload messenger bag looks good, too. It would be hard to choose between them because they all look like the perfect hemp messenger bag. The colors that Simple Shoes offers are very unique as well. You should check these bags out.

Ecolution Hemp Messenger Bags

Some of the best eco friendly organic hemp messenger bags are by Ecolution. Ecolution is a company that designs and manufactures organic hemp bags in Romania. As well as making amazing organic bags they are also dedicated to producing quality products and providing an eco friendly work environment under fair trade no-sweatshop guidelines, where all their employees receive a fair wage and they do not use child labor (many companies around the world use child labor to turn a larger profit). Ecolution organic bags are 100% vegan, so no leather, wool, or any other animal by-products are used to make their hemp bags. Vegan messenger bags can be harder to find than hemp messenger bags so finding both in the same product is excellent. One of their organic hemp, vegan messenger bags is the Ecolution Vancouver Bag, a quality organic bag that is 100% organic hemp and 100% vegan.

Ecolution produces several hemp bags. The Organic Hemp Messenger Bags come in several styles and colors like The Deluxe or The Classic. Ecolution also makes the Hitchhiker Oasis for women and the Hemp Sling Bag Backpack. If you are looking for a waterproof hemp bag then get the Ecolution Romanian Hemp Classic Messenger Bag, an eco friendly bag that is advertised as being perfect for a messenger bag, a purse, a diaper bag, school bag, laptop bag, and for travel. This versatile Ecolution hemp bag offers more uses because it is waterproof, making it safe to use as your hemp laptop bag. If you want a top quality eco friendly organic hemp messenger bag then check out any of the Ecolution bags.

Timbuk2 Hemp Messenger BagsTimbuk2 Hemp Messenger Bag

Timbuk2 is a long term messenger bag manufacturer. They are considered by many as one of the best messenger bag brands. The hemp messenger bags by Timbuk2 are not 100% hemp though, and that might deter some customers who want a 100% organic hemp product. Despite that, the Timbuk2 hemp messenger bags are 67% hemp fabric and 33% PET. This is still a good alternative if you are looking for an eco friendly messenger bag. Timbuk2 has an excellent return policy so if it turns out you do not like your hemp bag you can return it.

Ecogear & ecotech ecogear Messenger Bags

Ecogear & ecotech ecogear messenger bags can be found online and at Walmart. This hemp bag by ecogear & ecotech ecogear can be used as a purse, grocery shopping bag, book bag or as a travel bag. At times, it can be hard to buy all organic products because of cost. Price shopping for a hemp messenger bag will enable you to find one you like within your credit limit. One way you can sometimes save money and get cheap messenger bags made out of hemp is to get a hemp bag that is not 100% hemp. Wait for a sale and look for online discounts.

SATORI Hemp Bags

Satori makes several different styles of hemp and canvas bags. All that means is your bag is not 100% hemp. Depending on why you are purchasing a hemp messenger bag that may bother you. If you are looking for a strictly 100% organic hemp messenger bags then check out the Ecolution bags. Otherwise Satori messenger bags are just the right size.

Hemp Shopping Bags and Tote Bags

It is no surprise that there are many other types of hemp bags besides the messenger bags. If you really want to use organic bags and reduce the environmental toxicity caused by other types of manufacturing then shop for hemp bags. You can get hemp shopping bags for grocery shopping. Using a reusable shopping bag is eco friendly. There are several stores that quit using plastic sacks and are charging customers for their shopping bag. A perfect answer is the get a reusable hemp shopping bag or tote. There are well made hemp shopping bags and totes. Again, check out Ecolution for their hemp shopping bags. Another nice organic hemp bag is the Hemp Corduroy Mini Street Fair Tote. You can buy hemp grocery bags for shopping and use your hemp messenger when you do not have many items.

Need a messenger bag to carry your pup? You got it. The Doggles Dog Carrier Hemp Messenger bag that has room for your belongings and a small dog. The best place to buy eco friendly messenger bags is online. Whether you are buying a hemp messenger bag or a different type of messenger bag you can find many styles and prices online. Try shopping discounts and always look for free shipping.

Hemp Bags as a Gift Idea

If you are looking for a good gift idea, whether it is for a birthday, an upcoming holiday like Christmas, or some other holiday gift giving occasion then the hemp messenger bag is a great gift. You can buy the hemp bag alone or purchase it then use it as an actual gift bag. Some gift ideas to pack in the hemp messenger bag are personal grooming items, tea tree lotion, any Kindle, a smartphone, or anything else on the person's wish list. Giving the gift of eco friendly hemp products is a present for everyone. Tell others why you love your hemp messenger bag and recommend it to friends. Organic products are better for the environment and the body. Enjoy your eco friendly organic hemp messenger bag!

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