Eco Mobile Apps to Green Up Your Life

Mobile technology has really changed the way we store and receive information. No longer do we have to use special software on a home computer to track, record, and receive data. We can access a wealth of information from mobile devices such as the iPhone.
Application developers have used this tool to create eco-friendly apps to help eco-minded individuals "green" their way of life to better the environment or by simply becoming more efficient in day-to-day activities. Here are a list of five eco mobile applications that will help you save a tree or save a dollar!  


For about $5, greenMeter will track your fuel and power usage of your car and can help you decide how to maximize efficiency without the need of the GPS function. Using your iPhone's ability to sense directions and movement, greenMeter allows users to see what really goes into fuel efficiency.

This helpful tool will check the effects of acceleration, aerodynamic drag, and rolling resistance over a given range. It will then compute a theoretical best speed for fuel efficiency. The developer claims this widget will pay for itself within 1-2 fill-up at the pump, so definitely give greenMeter a try!

Get Me Green

Are you going green one step at a time? This application will give tips for all areas of your life that you can change to become more environmentally friendly. Once you buy this application for $1, you will be given a wealth of tips to make your life a little more green. This Green app is a great tool to learn how to properly recycle, so download and start greening up your life!


The application is the mobile version of the Good Guide website. This green app. easily rates and recommends products that are environmentally friendly. Simply scan bar codes as you shop and GoodGuide will quickly rate the product based on health, environmental, and social responsibility. Certainly, this tool will help you change to green products that range across every class, whether it be food, makeup, or cleaning products. GoodGuide is free to download, too!

Green Genie

Green Genie is a massive green app that will link you to a complete sustainable lifestyle! With thousands of green tips, you will save hundreds of dollars! Developed with LEED accredited Professional and Sustainability Consultants, Green Genie has been created to provide the most update collection of green projects and resources. For $1, you'll be able to gain access to a wealth of information that will certainly change the way you live!

Green Map

This eco application is location-based and will connect you to all green businesses in your area. You can also rate and review businesss to help others! Green Map will allow you to view green buildings and projects within your area. Also, it will connect you with local food producers that are using sustainable growing methods. 


Eco mobile apps are trendy and neat! More importantly, they shed light on eco projects around your area! Check them out and make going green easier. 

Get Me Green