With the current world population standing at just over seven billion, the need to conserve and use our natural resources wisely is more important than ever. The cost of energy in every nation has increased along with the output of pollution involved in its consumption. There is a large challenge in generating environmentally friendly energy while maintaining quality output. There is a great benefit to micro energy generation and technology efficiency in our daily lives. There was a time when regular gadgets tried to be eco friendly but failed miserably at generating energy, storing that energy and being durable overall. Now, such manufactures like Freeplay, produce high quality gadgets that are not only reliable, but also environmentally sound.

According to the UNEP, there is anywhere from 25 to 50 million tons of electronic waste,
the majority of which is appliances. If even half of the population of earth decided to opt for eco gadgets for daily use, a lot of energy would be saved, waste averted and pollution reduced.  Aside from changing the items we use, opting for solar powered machines and ones made from biodegradable and recycled material will further help our world to become a healthier place to live that is also full of resources for generation to come. If you want to take a step forward in your quest to become more eco friendly, pick up one of the items from this list to use in your every day life.

Eco Book, from ASUS

The outer portion of this eco savvy laptop is made from bamboo. Not only is the laptop stylish, but is a great way to get power to your machine and lower your bills. The plastic that is in the laptop is clearly marked and fully recyclable. There is no paint used in the machine, and the components’ utilize cardboard. You also won’t find a simple piece of electroplating.

Sunflower Speakers

These outdoors speakers run on solar energy completely. They are perfect for parties held outside in the daylight hours. There is a solar cell placed in the middle of the speaker which allows for maximum sun exposure whilst delivering a higher quality of music and endless energy absorption. There is a counter weight in the speaker which allows for rotation and proper angling.

Sunflower Solar Power Station

Another great solar gadget is perfect for both the office and the home. It is also sold with the solar powered speakers as part of a full music system. This great solar powered charging station makes use of solar energy. It takes and uses the energy to generate power. The power is filtered through three sockets that come standard built into the system. The upper panel collects solar energy during the day, then, rechargeable batteries that are also solar, keep the machines working during the night.

Samsung Blue Earth

This handset charges via a solar panel on the back of the phone. It looks like a smooth stone and with minimal exposure to the light; it can collect the powerful energy from the sun. Along with energy storing facilities, it has a pedometer that allows you to track the amount of foot steps you take per day. Along with counting your steps, which is good for your health, you are alerted to the amount of carbon dioxide is used when compared to other forms of outdated transportation. The set itself is constructed entirely from melted and recycled plastic bottles!

Office Pod

If you are some one who likes to work at home, or even if you like to telecommute a few times per week, then this gadget is right up your alley. This modular office is created according to the persons likes and is 2.1m x 2.1m. there is a centralized locking mechanism and takes less than 24 hour from start to finish to construct. The company that builds them is run by professional who are highly trained in its construction and delivery. Regardless of where you live, there are no planning permission needed for the structure. The whole box is made from eco friendly re-usable and recycled material when used instead of office space; there is a sixty seven percent reduction in personal emissions when compared to the former.

Light Wave AP-1000

We all love our wi-fi, this novelty that was initially introduced in Colorado, charges for about five hours in direct sunlight. After charging it can offer three days worth of wifi services. This is perfect for locations that are highly remote or in countries or areas that have power sourcing problems. It is also a good thing to take with you if you plan to go vacationing in the wild, but want to stay connected with civilization. 

Auto mower

A lot of people greatly dislike mowing their lawn, be it the allergies involved, the work, or the sheer waste of fossil fuels that traditional lawn mower consume. Husqvarna has created a solar-powered robot lawn mower. It is completely automatic, so you don’t have to walk behind it, it also has no
emissions at all!

Gota dish washer

If you eat, you have to wash dishes, no matter which way you do it, there is a large amount of water wasted. This eco friendly device is a great way to save water and energy while keeping your kitchen clean. All it does is steam every dish in the compartment in the pre-washing stage, then it collects the cooled vapors to wash the same dished in the last stage. Overall, the total consumption of water is cut in half.

Eco Heater

There are many reason to love or hate the cold weather, if you own your home, chances are you dislike it. Not because of the temperature, but because of the high cost of heat during the winter. This great gadget is not only eco friendly, but it is also kind to the wallet. It uses about as much energy as four light bulbs but provides enough heat to circulate in a mid size room. It looks stylish so it matches with any décor.