Eco Renovation ideas can be included in any house renovation project. In your kitchen it can reduce waste and fuel bills. Applying the same ideas throughout the house can lead to massive savings.

What is Eco Renovation?

It is about reducing the impact of your home on the environment. It can go as far as removing all plastics and synthetic materials from all your rooms, but most people do not want to go this far.

Improving your home in such ways that you cut your waste and fuel bills helps the local and worldwide eco-system as well as leaving you more money in the bank.

Kitchen Makeovers

A large part of your home's energy consumption is in your kitchen. You can design and use your kitchen differently and cut your energy bills significantly.

Except for the low energy lighting, your low environmental impact kitchen will look the same as any new kitchen.

Kitchen Design

Buy the most efficient appliances you can. Look for cookers with economy rings and washers with half-load settings.

Built in fridges and freezers are very inefficient because a fan is needed to provide the ventilation and take away the heat from the behind the appliance. The fan uses electricity. Site refrigeration equipment away from heat sources such as cookers. Avoid putting freezers where the sun will shine directly onto them, too.


If you buy a large fridge it will be less efficient, because every time you open the door, more cold air comes out than with a small fridge.

Think about installing two microwave ovens to help reduce your use of your main oven.

Install a closet with built in trash-cans, it reduces clutter and means you will separate your trash better because it so much easier.

Spotlights in your kitchen look good but are death to any hopes of cutting your electricity bill. Install under cabinet strip lights above your work areas and circular ceiling fluorescent lights for general area lighting. Make sure your lights are individually switched. For really efficient lighting look into LED spotlights. These have improved enormously in recent months and prices fall further every time you look.

The brightness of halogen bulbs at less than a tenth of the electricity cost

Kitchen Use

Renovations can reduce your impact on the environment, but you need to think about how you use your kitchen to really make a difference.

Cut down on using the oven. Make casseroles in a slow cooker instead of using your main oven. You can also use a slow cooker to make soups and stews, even to cook joints of beef that you would normally cook in the oven for three hours.

Cut down on using your broiler (grill), use a health grill instead; food cooks faster because the food is in contact with the hot plates.

Use a steamer with two or three sections for cooking vegetables, instead of three separate pans on three different rings.

Peel your vegetables by hand and compost your peelings instead of throwing them into the sink waste disposal unit. Keep a separate trash-can in your kitchen for egg shells, peelings, newspaper and cardboard.

Use hand tools whenever you can instead of electrical powered appliances, do everything the old-fashioned way