Most people view pond lilies and other aquatic plants as a very beautiful attraction, but did you know that these plants have the ability to keep a pond from dying and are ecologically good for the environment. They are very beneficial to keep a pond intact for many species  of reptiles and many types of insects.

Above Water Plants:

Lily Pads

They protect the pond and the condition of the water

Pond Lilies can guard the edge from erosion.  They protect the water from too much algae by shading out the sun. Algae do need sun to thrive so this can be beneficial as too much algae will be bad for the water.  The water is cleaner because of this.  They actually absorb nutrients that algae thrive on which also means not as much algae. Too much algae will destroy a pond.  Shading the water as pond lilies do also controls the temperature of the water to a cooler degree. They omit oxygen into the air which is very helpful to the pond environment.  Basically, Lily pads help keep the lake or pond stable.

lily pads


They Help Pond animals and insects

They will protect fish from predators and the sun. They protect frogs from fish and snakes, as well as provide nice places for them to catch bugs. Frogs also use them to hide their eggs from predators.  Turtles, snakes and bugs use lily pads to hide under. Bugs are attracted to lily pads and some lay their eggs underneath of them. Other bugs just use them as a resting spot. They can be used to camouflage some reptiles like turtles. Beavers and Muskrats sometimes eat them and some ducks will eat the seeds.  

Duckweed/ Pondweed

 Duckweed is exactly as its name food for ducks as well as water fleas and algae. Sometimes if it covers large areas of the pond or lake, it can be used as stepping stones for tiny bugs. Pondweed is useful for food for ducks and geese.

 There are so many other aquatic pond and lake species that help support the wildlife and bugs. Some of them are Broadleaf arrowhead, Spatterdock, and pickerelweed.

lakes and ponds

 Underwater Plants:

 There are very many species of underwater plants. These are the plants we don’t usually see but they benefit the fish, and bugs and even the algae. Here is a list of some that live under water.


  • Common elodea
  • Bladderwort
  • Stonewort
  • Muskgrass
  • Fanwort
  • Mermaid weed
  • Coontail