Technology is ever evolving to make the user experience a better one and designers aim at outstanding websites with an amazingly easy user interface. e-commerce sites are the ones that need a lot of focus on the user and how they use the website. Navigation plays a major part in imparting a good user – experience. This article focuses on how you can improve your navigation to give a better user-experience on your e-commerce website.

Easy to Understand and Intuitive Navigation

There are amazing things you can do with the navigation of your site and some of it might look incredibly amazing. But unfortunately when it comes to navigation looks are not going to get you any mileage.Easy to understand and intuitive navigations are the most appreciated on your website.  The user must not need a manual to know how to navigate on your website.

Use clear and understandable labels so that users have a clear idea about what they must do and where to look for something or how to look for it.

Accessible navigation

Remember almost everyone uses e-commerce websites, so it's perfectly right to design yours such that it is easy even for people with disabilities to use your site. They might have to use screen readers, refreshable Braille displays or any such aids so focus on making it easy for these devices to sync with your website.

You can place the text-based navigation and skip links at the very top of the page. Usually they are hidden from visitors using CSS.

Where am I?

e-commerce websites are highly complex and consist of several pages. So its necessary for the user to know his/her current location so that they can decide where to navigate to from their current location. Also visitors to your website need not necessarily enter your site through the homepage, they could enter the site through any page.

You could use breadcrumbs to explain your exact location and how you got there.

Use Layers and Facets on Big Sites

If yours is a website with more than a few product categories,brands or a lot of products then its’s good to use navigation layers and facets.Provide your customer the choice of filtering and navigating the site based on product categories and other variations to give a more personalized experience. Ensure that your navigation enables them to personalize their search based on their choices.

The Search box

Making it easy for your customers to find what they are searching for is the best user –experience that a website can give it’s users. A search box helps users find what they are looking for with just a click of the mouse. So make sure that your site has a search box and if it has an auto-fill feature it couldn’t be better.