It is hard to believe that there was once a time when Amazon was simply a platform for selling books; now it is an ecommerce market place second to none where organisations and individuals can sell their wares and receive customer reviews with regard to delivery and the quality of the received goods.

Web design cannot compete head to head with the pulling power of Amazon but Amazon can act as a guiding light for attracting customers to ecommerce marketers. For example, there are many online traders that have their own website but appreciate that to attract customers it takes a high level of search engine optimisation, often internet marketing skills that the online traders do not have. The simple solution is to ply their wares via eBay which many shoppers on the internet regard as their first website of call when looking for specific goods. For example, some people still like to own DVDs of their favourite films but instead of Googling for a website that may sell a new or used copy, online shoppers simply visit Amazon and search Amazon’s database of DVD suppliers.

Every organisation has to have its own web design and it’s important for ecommerce development of any organisation for the website to be up to speed regarding search engine optimisation. What the ecommerce market place offers is not an instead of solution but a complementary route for selling goods for both individual online traders and giant corporations. Customer feedback that is supplied by Amazon gives online shoppers confidence to buy from a particular online trader; confidence that may not be present if the shopper were to go directly to the individual organisation’s ecommerce website; the fact that the seller has been judged by other shoppers for speed of delivery, for quality of goods and for how it deals with problems gives new customers the confidence to buy.

Competition is global but Google and other search engines do enable online shoppers to look for goods and services locally. There are many ways that customers can be pointed to a particular website but for good results in free searches, especially if it’s our capital city with many competing suppliers, it is crucial for online business success that an organisation hires the kind of expertise that understands that SEO cannot be left solely to a website designer who may not be fully up to speed with ecommerce development or have the knowledge to wring every online advantage out of Google and ecommerce market places such as Amazon and eBay.

Web Design in the right hands will instil confidence in shoppers but the advantage when it comes to ecommerce of selling goods via Amazon is that the money is paid to Amazon by the shopper rather than directly to the ecommerce trader which gives online shoppers greater confidence to part with personal details including their credit card numbers. Amazon is an organisation the people trust; it is an ecommerce market place that has reinvented itself and is now a vital tool in the armoury of sellers online.