If you are a naturally skinny guy, then you are probably not getting much sympathy from your heavier friends, you need to workout a bit differently to gain some muscle definition. You need to follow a "ectomorph workout". You just have to focus on your moves a bit differently then others to get results. If you and your friends all workout at the gym, and you see them bulking up, and nothing is happening to you, then you need to do your workout differently.

Are you a Ectomorph?

Before heading down the road of a Ectomorph workout, you need to decide if this is the right label for you. No one likes to be labeled, but you need to have some knowledge of your body type before you have a workout designed for you, or you try your own ectomorph workout to be the most effective.

Working out is good for any body type. It creates healthy strong and lean muscles and helps to control weight. But to get the most out of your workout, there are differences in how to workout. So, if you are:

Naturally skinny guy (can eat all day and not gain weight much to the dismay of your friends!)


Narrow physique

Flat chest

long lean muscles

healthy, no health reasons for being skinny (always get a checkup before starting any new workout program)

Then chances are, you should follow a Ectomorph workout. If you have been trying all kinds of ectomorph workoutequipment at the gym and you are just not getting anywhere and have not noticed any change other than very sore muscles. It wouldn't hurt to invest for at least a session with a personal trainer (maybe through your gym) who is familiar with a Ectomorph workout, and can design you a workout plan to use on your own. This way you only need to pay for one session.

Here are a few tips to help you with your Ectomorph workout and get some muscle definition and gain some muscle weight. Just eating more is not going to do it! You want some healthy muscle and definition to your body.

Ectomorph Workout - Each Lift Should Be Intense

An ectomorph workout should be more intense. Other people who are aiming for definition and to lose weight, will go more for volume and more sets at a medium weight. You should aim for less reps, but the ones you do should be at your maximum weight limit. Also do each rep slower, so that you really feel it in your muscles. So, instead of doing 10 reps at a medium weight, you could do 5 at a higher weight.

Ectomorph Workout - Don't forget Rest Time

Since you are doing a ectomorph workout, which is going to be a bit different than the other guys. You need to include a longer rest time. Many people forget that it is during the rest time that muscle fibers repair and the muscle actually grows. This goes for anyone working out. That is why you should always have a rest day in between and either work a different set of muscles or do cardio.

If you work your upper body one day, then you can work your lower body the next. But you have to give time for the muscles to repair and grow and get stronger from the workouts. With an ectomorph workout, you are going to be doing less sets but using your maximum weight for lifts. So, don't try and keep up with the guy next to you, he is on a different mission.

If you are working on sets of curls for example, at your maximum weight lift, then you also have to have some rest time between sets. You can take up to 3 minutes between sets for a ectomorph workout to be effective without hurting yourself. You don't want to injure yourself or chances are you will not continue. So, you need a rest between sets of up to 3 minutes plus the day in between for working those muscles. You should begin to see a difference with a ectomorph workout. Remember go for the quality of the lift rather than the quantity.