The Remote Lantern from Eddie Bauer is one of the best investments you can make. This is a very sturdy camping lantern that will last for many years as is very user friendly.

Remote Controlled Lantern

This remote controlled lantern is awesome to use. Oftentimes people think that they do not want or need a remote for their Lantern. People also use to think this about TV remotes. Once you go camping with a Lantern that is remote controlled you will never want to use a regular lantern again.

You can leave the lantern turned on to illuminate your campsite and make your way to your tent. Once you are zipped in you can push a button your remote to turn the lantern off. There are many uses to a remote controlled lantern including scaring your friends that do not know that the lantern is remote controlled. Wait for your buddy to go traipsing off into the woods at night to use the bathroom and then you can turn the light on and off on him. If you can get him nervous or freaked out it will give you laughs for years to come.

Long Battery Life

Eddie Bauer claims that this remote controlled lantern can last for up to 100 hours of continuous light on just one set of batteries. This lantern uses 3 AAA batteries so it will be extremely cheap to operate, even if your family is night owls at the campsite. You can stay up late using this lantern to illuminate your family card game and not have to worry about the high cost of batteries.

The remote takes 2 AA batteries but they also last an extremely long time. The lantern is expensive considered to cheaper models available, but it does come with the initial batteries needed to operate this lantern.

This remote controlled lantern from Eddie Bauer is $100 but the low cost of operating it will pay off within a few season of camping, depending on how often you need a lantern when camping.

This remote controlled lantern is great when you need to illuminate a small area, but if you are looking for an extremely bright lantern that can light up a large area then this will not be the best lantern for you. If you like to read a lot when camping at night time then this little remote lantern is an awesome investment and would make a great Christmas gift for anyone who likes camping and the outdoors. This is a good light at a great value.