Infrared Heaters Consumer Reports recently rated Eden Pure Infrared Heater as poor. Reports furthered that the brand, far more expensive than its cheaper counterparts, works basically the same with just a higher price.

Eden Pure Infrared Heaters first came out to the market promising to save you money by up to 50 percent in your heating bills at home. Eden Pure Infrared Heater came out with a quite hefty price of $400.00 each; more expensive compared to its other counterparts in other brands which cost only around $250 to $300.

Consumer reports also claim that aside from the fact that consumers wanting to take advantage of the product needs to shell out a considerable amount of money, using the product does not really give the consumers the quality that the brand advertises through their infomercials. The benefits that these infrared heaters promise do not even level up to their actual caliber.

Quoting one of the representatives of the consumer report team, "The unit was the second-lowest-scoring space heater we tested, earning only a 24 out on our 100-point scale. According to the folks in our Tech department who tested space heaters, the EdenPure provided lackluster temperature control and was not particularly easy to use, What's more, it was pricey and lacked an overheat-protection feature (key for safety). The GEN3 models do have this important safety feature, according to BioTech Research."

They furthered that the savings of up to 50 percent that Eden Pure Infrared Heater advertises is an impossibility. Scientifically, to save on heating bills, you have to lower your home thermostat level up to a certain degree in Fahrenheit according to the day-to-day temperature. They added that if the current fuel prices are to indicate it, having a fuel-run heating system would cost twice than the one run by natural gas.

Experts are in unison upon saying that savings can be attained by not using central heating at home. Also, they advised that home heaters need not be run by kerosene or propane not unless they will be used outdoors. We are aware of the news especially during winter time pointing these devices as causes of casualties of carbon monoxide poisoning. Another advice is to always choose a heater brand that is user-friendly, choose one that does not pose danger whenever they over-heats or knocks off.

As for the Eden Pure Infrared Heaters, experts are one in saying that for the sub-standard type of service that it provides, there are far cheaper brands that can also do the job.