Edgar Cayce was a American psychic born in March 18th, 1887 and died January 3rd 1945. Cayce was able to slip into a trance-like state where he could use his subconscious mind to answer questions. Cayce is well known for his healing techniques such as meditation, herbal essences, and mental therapy. However, he was more than just a healer, Cayce is acclaimed to have made many prophecies and visions while in a sub-conscious state. It is important to note that upon waking, Cayce could not recall his visions. This article will examine some of his major claims and the possibility that he was a legitimate prophet.

When Cayce was 21, he developed a thorat illness. The illness rendered him almost incapable of speaking, but in a hypnotic state Cayce was able to detail the methods to healing himself. This process launched his career as a healer and psychic. After this event, Cayce turned away from being a salesman to a full time psychic.

Cayce is remembered for delivering readings that predicted the World Wars, the death of Preisdent Roosevelt and JFK and the fall of the Sovet Union. He also predicted that by 1998 there would be geographical changes to the East Coast. This last reading has not come to fruition. He also spoke of a third world war over the international monetary exchange, and the Middle East. But, he said in 1943 that the Third World war would not occur for a long, long time, but would eventually occur over international regulations and the Middle East.

Cayce also spoke regularly about reincarnation and that the origins of souls originated from the lost land of Atlantis. These early human souls guided the development of the ape species, one group of apes into human beings, which the early souls inhabited. He spoke of the mystical land of Atlantis that was destroyed amost a hundred thousand years ago. This land was the basin of souls and after the collapse of that land, the souls flowed through a destopia around the world. He theorized the great flood originated in Atlantis and played a part in the final, third destruction of Atlantis that caused Atlantians to disperse through the world. Their descendents, according to Cayce, built the pyramids in Egypt and Latin America in the likeness of the pyramids of Atlantis. Also, he theorized that Atlantis was a powerful, bastion of technology. They had the power over crystals that worked as power plants.

By the time of his death Cayce had delivered thousnads of readings. Mostly about health, some about monetary concerns, and others about reincarnations. Cayce was a proponent of reincarnations and reportedly was able to speak in foreign tongues while in a sub-conscious state. He believed that each sould went through a series of reincarnations some times being reincarnated hundreds if not thousands of years after they died. In a totally random manner. In the periods between reincarnations, souls rested in another plane, and awaited their time to return. Cayce is remembered as an American healer, a poorly educated man who went on to become an extradorinary prophet. Was he a hoax? or a prophet? I'll leave that to you to decide.