As writers there are some ways to write better and improve quality of the content produced. Quality content is what will earn any writer a great income. The more articles created the better the next article and the one after that. What happens to the old articles that were good, but will be better with editing? As experience improves as a writer, consider making enhancements to older articles to increase their page views and earnings. Writers can edit old articles to make more money online.

Every freelance writer benefits from upgrading these articles with editing and making necessary changes to upgrade the quality.  Essentially every writer no matter how much writing experience they have will make more money editing old articles.

The more we write the more experience we gain on a number of fronts. The basics get better such as; grammar, sentence structure and paragraphing. For online freelance writers other things also improve. Titles, search word optimization and keywords and phrases will get better. This means articles created weeks or even months ago are superior sometimes with small changes. Every writer is able to find where they need to upgrade their work.

Writers that outsource editing

Two things that a writer needs more of are time and more time. Rewrites and content editing will take precious writing time. To make more time for editing written work outsource the task or make more time for editing from a current work schedule. A number of writers have even outsourced the writing and edited what they receive back.

Outsourcing editing is a wonderful idea with two flaws for most writers;

  1. They don’t have a budget to pay an editor
  2. They cannot find an editor that is good enough to do the job

Finding a great editor is wonderful. They are difficult to come by because once they find clients; these clients don’t want to let them go. Along with finding great editors a writer will need to prepare to pay higher rates for better editors. Anything better will cost more money as a rule of thumb.

Outsourcing writing is a wonderful idea with two flaws for most writers;

  1. They don’t have a budget to pay for a writer
  2. They cannot find a writer that is good enough to do the job

The same issues that exist for outsourcing editing are the same for outsourcing writing. For this reason a number of writers will find they will do the writing and the editing of older articles themselves. Finding the time to make this take place will look like a daunting task for nearly all online freelance writers. Yet, for a task well done the payoff is more money from editing old articles.

Writers that edit their own work

Time is a luxury that every writer wants more of. Unfortunately, the more successful a writer becomes the less time they seem to have.  Do not allow time constraints to deter editing old articles. Create a plan of action to make a pathway of destruction for improving lower quality work.

Find the time to mend previously written articles because the investment will pay off in the form of increased revenues, more readers and a more dedicated audience. All of these things are what we write for.

A plan of action to conquer the mound of older articles will include time specifically set aside for rewrites and editing. The job includes everything that will be done with an article from start to finish making it meet an individual writer’s standards of quality.

Several things will need to be included in the rewriting plan. These are things that can keep the editing organized, on task and help a writer see what is accomplished with their hard work.


Use a spreadsheet to decide which articles are done and which ones need to be done. Numerous writers have hundreds or even a thousand or more online articles already written. Therefore, find a way to make the spreadsheet workable and able to handle.

As a writer there is continual growth. Articles are read, knowledge is expanded, tricks are learned and training along with education are always taking place. Generally a writer knows where they have an Achilles Heel when it comes to their own content. This means that if titles are where a better comfort level is needed this will definitely be the best place to start with older articles. If keywords were an issue that was a struggle, begin with these for archived content to narrow down where the primary modifying should begin. If seo was not discovered until several months ago, redo articles that identified as needing a shot of search engine optimization.

Consider making the spreadsheet contain no more than 20 articles at a time or only articles from one specific blog or writing site at one time. After  every article is adjusted and tweaked, start a new spreadsheet with the next 20 articles or the next site.

The old articles can also be sorted according to earnings. Correct articles with the least amount earned first. How about the first spreadsheet used for the least amount of reads or page views? There is no right or wrong way to sort the work. Though, make certain the work is manageable while the content rewriting is done.

The spreadsheet should contain other useful information that can improve writing skills. For an example, detail what changes are made. Was the title corrected? Was a keyword or phrase changed or added? Were subheadings added? How about extending a 400 word article to 700 words or more? These are details that will actually help future articles come out better.

As the spreadsheet or sheets are reviewed there should be improvement shown in some areas while others will stand out as needing a touch up. Discovering six months ago titles were a problem and two months ago longer articles were an issue conveys that longer articles will correct current article edits and make them more beneficial financially. Writing longer articles should begin immediately.

Stay on task

Set aside the time to perfect older articles with the potential to earn a writer more money. The time should be weekly, biweekly or monthly. Editing time each day isn’t particularly possible for a number of writers and more than once a month isn’t either. Trying to edit daily cannot be accomplished. The best time period is weekly or biweekly for the duties.

Take the entire day or a half a day for the job at hand. Editing is not as easy as a lot of writers would like to believe. Additionally, editing another writer’s work is easier than critiquing your own. There is actually more work to do than at first glance. Older articles will need more time and effort since writing improves with time.

Improvements have been made

One of the great things that can come out of this exercise is seeing what this work has done for your writing. A part of each spreadsheet, or a separate one, should detail CTR (click thru rate) or ecpm. Document if these have increased after editing corrections. Note what their values where before and after.

A number of writers have mentioned that changes to marketing tools such as Amazon and eBay have increased income for older articles. These are also editing tools that can improve quality and make an enormous difference in a writer’s freelance income.

In conclusion

Working to make older articles better is an enormous job for a lot of writers. The number of articles stored in a writer’s archive will determine how much work is involved. Making old articles better is worth the time investment. The payoff is quality work online under a writer’s byline which improves their credibility which attracts more clients. There is no down side to edit old articles and it will make more money for a freelance writer overall.