Do you want to edit your pictures online for free without having to download anything? Sumopaint is a wonderful tool that provides users with photo editing capabilities, a full suite of paint tools, filters, 3D effects and more. You can use this free online service to make cool pictures and avatars for facebook, your websites or print-based projects and you don't have to pay anything to use it. This tool even offers a host of cool effects like swirling, black and white, mosaic patterns and light sources, that you can add to your existing images or build into photos you are creating. Let's take a look at all the cool stuff Sumopaint can do. 

Sumopaint - The Free Online Photo Editor With No Download

Sumopaint As a Photo Editor

Cropping, changing the overall image size and density and even changing the file type of your photos are all things that Sumopaint excels at. To get started editing, hop over to or go directly to if you want to get right into the editor itself. I highly reccomend that you first create a free account by registering with sumopaint - you just fill out the usual basics like your name and e-mail.

This will give you the powerful save-to-account functionality which allows you to work on and access your image files from any computer with an internet connection! I actually find myself using this feature a lot whenever I get interrupted while working on a banner or tweaking a photo and I have to step away from the computer. 

Resizing Images

Once you're into the main editor screen, you can select the file menu and then opt to open an image saved on your computer ("Open from HD") or you can open a file directly from a URL! Choose "Open from URL" and paste the full address of your image, such as into the box and press OK.

Soon your image will appear and you can choose the Image menu and then "Image Size" to specify the exact dimensions you'd like your photo to be. You'll see a few checkboxes on this menu that can be helpful. For example, if you'd like your new smaller image to retain its original proportions (this is usually reccomended for image quality) you can check "constrain proportions" and then drag the percentage slider on either the height or width fields.

This will change your image to a new size while keeping its overall appearance - sumopaint won't warp anyone's face so long as you've checked the "constraint proportions" option. Once you're satisfied with your new image's size, you can either save it to your account or save it to your computer. 


Want to remove a bad memory from your photo? Sumopaint has a standard cropping tool. Look on the left sidebar toward the bottom in the left-most column. Here - I've even taken the trouble to take a screenshot and highlight the tool for you - You're Welcome!

How to Crop Your Photos For Free Online Using Sumopaint

Keep in mind that whatever you include within the bounds of the cropping box you draw with your cursor will be preserved - everything else will go poof. If you make a mistake and crop out the wrong ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend you can always press control-Z to have sumopaint graciously undo your mistake. Mac users use command-Z. 

Converting Your Photos Online From JPG to PNG- For Free!

Yes, Sumopaint will even allow you to convert your photos as you work and you'll have the option of saving them right to your hard drive or keeping them tucked away in your sumopaint user account. The downside to using sumopaint for this purpose is that they'll only allow you to go from JPG to PNG formats (and vice versa). This is still pretty helpful - but not nearly as extensive as other online picture editors. 

Funkifying Your Pictures Online 

Funkifying, to use the technical term, is another area of strength for sumopaint. You can use the basic paint tools everyone's familiar with, such as brushes, stamps, lines, curvy line drawing tools, and airbrushes to add doodles of all colors over top of your images. This is an effective way to add a retroactive Captain Morgan's Moustache to anyone that was unfortunate enough to be caught in your camera lens on rum night. 

The available filters are pretty impressive. Once you have your image on the workspace, you can navigate to the Filters menu  and choose the effect you want to apply. You can do almost anything to your picture, including blurring it, warping it over a 3D structure like a globe, sharpening or making it look like a washed out poster. The best part of sumopaint is exploring all the different options and experimenting with them for fun. 

Here's a few examples of things I've composed in sumopaint using its various filters and tools:

cool sumo paint photo editing

Also be sure to check out the Gradient Map tool under the Adjustments menu, which will allow you to do things like this: 

fiery swirls made with sumopaints gradiant map tool

And this: 

swirly blue bubbles made with sumopaint gradient map

Advanced Photo Editing and Web Design with Sumopaint

All of these elements are useful, but sumopaint is far more than a basic image editor. It has powerful features that used to only be found in Photoshop software or the freeware photoshop known as Gimp, which has to be downloaded to your PC to work. 


Sumopaint fully supports image layering, which allows you to essentially stack pictures, filters, backgrounds and effects on top of one another so that they can be individually positioned and edited later. Once the image you're working with passes a certain stage of complexity, employing layers is an absolute necessity. 

Imagine tediously building up a complex image that has some elements in the background and some in the foreground only to realize you need to edit a string of text or totally remove something that is now partially obscured by a foreground item. This would be all but impossible to do by hand and immensely time-consuming. 

By using the layers menu which defaults to the bottom right sidebar on sumopaint, you can manually add and delete layers, and it's recommended you do this each time you add a new element to your project. If you're making a website banner, for example, you could first select the background color and name this layer "background". 

Let's say you want to add a line of text next for your website name. First, add a new layer and name it something like"banner text" to make it easier to identify later should you need to change anything. Put this new banner text layer above the background layer in the layer menu. This will make the text higher in the image's "stack". 

Now you have freedom - Like your finished text but think your background color should be changed? It's as simple as clicking the background layer in the layer menu, so that all the changes you make next will only affect the background. 

When you're finished with your image and you want to finalize it so it can be saved or exported, choose "Flatten Image" from the Layer Menu, which will smush all your layers into one coherent final image. 

Have fun editing your photos for free online with sumopaint!