Herbal remedies

Most people don't bother to even educate themselves on the side effects of herbal remedies. It's important that you know what you are taking, especially if you are taking prescription drugs. Not only can you have an interaction between herbs and prescription medicines but you could also have an allergic reaction to any herb that you take.

There are vast amounts of resources covering herbal remedies with regard to their uses and side effects. It's entirely up to the consumer to be responsible as they are not regulated as prescription drugs. Your local library is one great resource for a ton of information. Here you will find lots of information you can pick and choose from. Choose simple books that will gear towards better health, like building your immune system. The PDR (Physicians' Desk Reference for Herbs) is a great resource to have if you are serious about using herbs on a regular basis.

The internet, of course, is a great place to find tons of information on Herbal Remedies. You will need to pick and choose sites. It is highly recommended to check out Christopher Hobbs site. He is a 4th generation herbalist and teacher ( Herbs for dummies, is a great resource). There are lots of other places you could explore with a search for Herbal Remedies on the internet. Make sure you use a reputable source when it comes to herbs as information on the internet can be conflicting.

Visit your local Herbal Health supplement store. You will find that most of these employees are well educated in this field. They can be very helpful on the products they sell and will even show you the best products. They are also good at giving tips on Herbal remedies and which particular herbs work the best as well as what form of each herb is best used.

There are several herbal health magazines on the market. One particular excellent magazine is "Natural Health". There are several others on the market and some that you can read at your local library. Always remember when it comes to herbs, quality is necessary to get the results that you want. The best breed of herbs is certified organically grown types of products. If you remember this when buying new herbal remedies to try, it may make the difference in what kind of results you have from the herb.