First, you should discuss with your parents what they feel you should do as far as selecting a college. Your parents have raised you since birth and they should be included in on your decision. However, don't let them sway you to a college you don't want to be at. You have to do the four years at that college not them!!!!

Going to college is a big step and one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. So its only natural to want to select the best possible college for you and to factor in everything that comes with deciding where you want to further your education at. You don't want to look back and wish you could have had a better college experience. Take it from me. I am a semester from graduating from my college and I can't wait to get out of my school. I could have had a much better college experience. My college which I won't say was not a real college atmosphere in my opinion but only a continuation of high school in my opinion. I don't want my situation to end up yours. While I am graduating from college with minimal debt, I wish things could have been better and if I could do it all over I would have went to another college. However, with that said, read on to learn tips that will help you pick the best college for you.

Check to see which colleges have the majors you are interested in. You should get in contact with the departments of these majors of those colleges to discuss their academic program. If a college doesn't have your major you should cross it off your list. Theres no point in going to a college if the school doesn't have the major or program that you want to study and have a career in.

Next you should consider factors like the distance the college is away from your home, what the weather is like, what ethnic groups the college is composed of, how big the school is, and where the college ranks at as far as making sure it's students are actually graduating. These should all go into consideration before you select a college because they are all important factors that can mean the difference in you staying at a college and successfully graduating from that school and you having to transfer schools and possibly stay in school longer than intended.

You should also check into things like how good the student support services are, what the facilities are like, and what type of academic support programs the college offers. These are very important and you should feel good about all of these areas before you select your college.

Lastly, consider what your financial situation is going to look like if you go to a certain college. College X's softball coach may have recruited you and offered to pay for half of your school, while College Y may be able to offer you a full ride academic scholarship because of your test score and grades. I would advise you going to the college that you are not only satisfied with in the above steps, but also going to the college that can pay the most towards your education and offer you the most money in the form of scholarships, grants, and money that you won't have to pay back once you graduate from college. You do not want to be paying your own way to school or have a lot of student loans if you can help it. Trust me, you will thank yourself later on, once you start a family and are trying to buy things like a house and a new car.

Using these tips will help make it much easier to select a college if you apply them where needed. Good Luck!