Money in Education

I have recently finished my classes for my elementary education degree and have run across some personal issues with government....everybody has a few of those right?!  I ask, if education is so important in this country, why is funding for classes and teachers continually being cut?  If  children are to grow up to take over leading positions in this country, where will they get adequate teaching and learning material?  How are teachers supposed to be confident in their teaching abilities when they are continually stressed about their position within the school.....what if their job is next in line for the big cut?  All students learn differently within a classroom, with funding for aides and extra help in the classroom quickly disappearing, the teacher is more overwhelmed with how many students he/she has in his/her classroom which he/she now cannot control because classes are overpacked and there is not help to be hired.  In situations like this, students will not get the best education they deserve.  Teachers are not just people in a classroom 'teaching' your kids.  They are actually dedicated to wanting to help students make themselves better and to learn everything they can within the classroom walls. 

So how do we solve this problem?  Do we fight til our death about politicians cutting their salary to give back to the children? When classes such as art, science, physical education, and health are cut from the school/district curriculum, students are missing out on valuable information which would have otherwise helped them to grow into an individual passionate for the arts or an astronomer.  

Maybe my question is more something of WHY?  Why is it education that gets hit so bad?  I mean, I know other government programs are getting as well, but why education?  If the United States feels so strongly about having and keeping our children educated, why is its funding always one of the first to go?  And where does it go?! 

Now that I've paid for all of my schooling, I am almost scared to try and get a job in the education field because what if it gets cut?  What if I am no longer needed or the district cannot pay me?  What happens then?  I've just spent all that money to get a job I love and which supports my family and now the government has taken it away from me.  What happens now? 

I hope our next President, not to blame our current one for anything-just making a general statement, can figure out a new plan to give teachers the jobs and classroom help they really need in order to give the children of this nation potentially the best education they can get. 

What are your thoughts on education in the United States?  Have you ever thought about it before?