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Educational toys for toddlers are ideal as the younger they are the more apt they are to soak up and retain knowledge. Also, by introducing learning through fun games and activities your will see that your child is going to actually enjoy learning.


What Can Learning Toys for Toddlers Teach my Child?

That question is very dependent upon the educational toys and learning games for toddlers that are utilized. Some learning toys and games for toddlers can teach and aid your child in a number of ways. A simple list of just some of the things that educational toys for toddlers can assist and teach are:

1) Reading - advancing reading skills or teaching a child to read and recognize words.

2) Alphabet - Saying and recognizing the letters of the alphabet, as well as capitalization and lower case letters.

3) Colors - Identifying different colors and understanding the differences (i.e. contrasting)

4) Sharing - Learning how and why sharing is a good thing.

5) Writing - Provide easy child level learning for both print and cursive writing (depending on age).

6) Shapes, understanding the difference and recognizing typical shapes such as circle, square, rectangle, oval etc.


Games and Educational Toys for Toddlers

Here are some of the learning toys for toddlers and ideas for toys that can help teach them to recognize and understand, when applicable, some of the basic knowledge they need to have such as what is seen above.

Letters, Sounds, Animals and More

Leapfrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo helps your child aged 6 months to 3 years old to learn their alphabet using both letters and alphabetized animal names. This toy makes learning fun with its catchy songs and tunes.

Leapfrog Text and Learn can help teach your child their alphabet as well as help them to learn the letter sounds. This toy features a lot of fun and educational activities that your kid will love and will make learning fun.

Leapfrog AlphaPet Explorer is a highly recommended learning toy for your toddler. This fun learning device offers a lot of different modes and methods to help teach your child the letters and sounds of the alphabet. From the alphabet song to games that allow the child to hear a letter sound and identify it on the screen.

Learning Shapes

Tolo Rolling Shapes Sorter helps your child's hand eye coordination and can also help them to recognize the different shapes. This toy will have the most educational benefit for your toddler if you get hands on with them - they try to place the right shape in the right hole while you help them to identify the names of the different shapes. This toy also features a rounded design so it can easily be rolled around for those moments of non-educational fun.

First Shapes and Barnyard Animals Wooden Puzzle set offers several different learning lessons for your toddler. The shapes puzzle offers wooden shape cutouts with the shape names printed on the front. This can help your child to recognize shapes and their names. As with the Tolo Rolling shapes this will be most educational with some hands on interaction with mom, dad or another adult who can point out and read the words on each shape.

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