When Kinect came storming in the market, home entertainment has never been the same. Because motion-sensing controls allow movement to get tracked and translated, the Kinect add-on hardware to the latest generation of Xbox 360 games has led the way for other game console makers to follow suit. The gadget houses numerous mini microphones and cameras that sense pre-defined movements of 1-2 gamers.  For instance, you hop and your game character does the same.

To benefit from this revolutionary gaming feature, you need to purchase the Xbox games designed to recognize motion sensing. Luckily, the Kinect usually comes bundled with Kinect Adventures, a game that showcases the power and promise of motion sensing controls. Targeting the broadest possible market, it is wholesome entertainment intended to appeal to both young and old Xbox gamers. If you're just starting out with a Kinect, this could well be the first game you will play that is sure to get you hooked on motion sensing.




If you are an animal lover, this is a game that is sure to bring a warm smile to your face. As its name clearly indicates, it brings Kinect motion sensing to a playful range of about 20 different animals that kids and adults can interact with in gorgeous HD. You should play this with a 23-inch computer monitor or a 32-inch flat panel LCD TV, at the very least, to heighten the gaming realism. These animals follow your every movement. Jump, spin or roll on the ground and they will do likewise. There are also cuddly lion and tiger cubs that respond lovingly to your stroking. This is certainly a game that will teach children how to love animals.

Kinect Sports

What could be more motion-intensive than sports? This game takes the Kinect motion-sensing ability to its maximum potential, prompting players do some physical activity while enjoying the video game. Play table tennis, bowling, volleyball, soccer, and boxing. Aside from this, it also throws in track events like javelin and discus throws, sprinting and long jumps that require you to do the exact same physical movements. Do this and you have an immersive video game for the family that dispels the notion that gaming creates overweight couch potatoes. Overweight folks in your family should not miss this.  

Dance Central

Talk about an exercise game that is helping obesity-plagued Americans lose weight. Dance Central from Harmonix couldn't be more appropriate cardio for those who do not have enough money to go to the gym. It is another exercise-centered video game that can get kids and the entire family dancing in front of the TV almost immediately. You only need to move your arms and the Kinect controller tracks them for a choreographed dance sequence to the tune of all the top pop hits of the day. Overweight kids and family members now have good reason to play new games for Xbox 360 and lose weight on the side.