Edward Gorey print of the Doubtful Guest

For fans of Edward Gorey, his peculiar mix of camp, grotesque and macabre art is irresistible. From his book and prints, one could be forgiven for thinking that Edward Gorey was a Victorian gentleman from England recording the foibles of his time. However, he was actually a 20th century illustrator and author who spent much of his life in Massachusetts, in the Cape Cod area. He is well known as the illustrator of the opening credits of the PBS Mystery TV series. Edward Gorey produced an extensive body of work during his lifetime, and his illustrated works have been gaining increasing popularity in his recent years.


Limited edition prints of Edward Gorey original etchings can run into the hundreds of dollars or more. Fortunately, artist prints by him are available as reproductions for just a few dollars. One of his more popular wall prints, "The Gashlycrumb Tinies", can be purchased for a couple of dollars. This darkly humorous poster recounts the unpleasant and untimely deaths of twenty six children, each of whose names begins with a sequential letter of the alphabet. It should be stated that Edward Gorey illustations are not for the easily offended. But if you have a somewhat twisted sense of humor, you should be able to appreciate the brilliantly understated and absurdist situations that Gorey illustrates.


Amazon.com is a great site to look for Edward Gorey prints for sale. On Amazon you can get very reasonably priced reproductions of his illustrations. For example, his Dracula and Lucy Hi Definition Laser Cel can be purchased on Amazon for $48.00. Gorey create this image as part of his set and costume design for a Broadway production of Dracula, for which he won a Tony award.


Edward Gorey print - Dracula and Lucy

Gorey's Blue Aspic Opera Laser Cel retails for about $28.00 on Amazon. This features an image from an opera book that Gorey wrote, called the Blue Aspic. It is a high-quality lithograph printed on Mylar, and shows a group of aristocratic-looking people looking out over a balcony at an opera house with vaguely sad and sinister expressions on their faces. Classic Gorey. Other prints available from the Amazon include laser Cels for "The Doubtful Guest" and "Lucy and the Cave", and of course "The Gashlycrumb Tinies" available at a range of prices depending on the year of publication and the production quality.


If you are looking to spend a bit more and get yourself one or more limited edition prints of Edward Gorey's works, then look no further than the Edward Gorey House, an organization that commemorates, celebrates and preserves the home and legacy of this talented artist. From their website (www.edwardgoreyhouse.org) you can order his original etchings, which are pulled from plates created by Gorey. Some were produced during his lifetime and bear his authentic signature, while others were etched posthumously and embossed with his signature. Affiliated with the Edward Gorey House is goreystore.com, where you can purchase mass-market editions of his prints that retail for between $20 to $50. From this site, you can purchase affordable prints from "The Doubtful Guest", "The Awdrey-Gore Legacy" and many more.


In addition to wall prints and limited edition prints, you can purchase Edward Gorey artwork in other formats such as postcards and calendars. This is an economical way to build up your Gorey collection, as these items are worthy of being framed and preserved for posterity.