Egg Yolk or the yellow part of an egg is considered to be a rich source of nutrients. No matter how you eat it whether cooked or raw, it renders substantial amounts of nutrients. An egg yolk contains choline, omega-3 fatty acids, folate, selenium and iron. An egg yolk comprises of over 90% of nutrition found in an egg. Egg yolks are rich source of vitamins namely A, B, E and D.

A raw egg yolk is loaded with the following nutrients:

• Protein:One egg yolk provides around 2.7 gm of proteins that is certainly a high nutritive value. Hence to boost your protein intake, eat eggs during breakfast or lunch. Include eggs in your regular diet regimen as protein is found in considerable amounts in an egg yolk. Being a good source of protein, it contributes in a long way to keep your health in a good shape.
• Cholesterol:An egg yolk contains high cholesterol and hence many people especially those conscious about their weight tend to separate the white part of the egg from the yellow before eating. For people having high cholesterol levels, there is no choice but to avoid eating egg yolk. But for people not eating yolk because of fear of putting on weight are being unwise. A recent study on egg highlights that yellow part is actually beneficial for human health more than the white part and indeed helps in loosing weight. People with healthy cholesterol levels are recommended to have one egg yolk per day.
• Calcium:Calcium is essential for healthy and strong bones. An egg yolk supply approximately 22 milligrams of calcium to your body.
• Iron:Egg yolks are rich source of iron and so individuals suffering from anemia can have egg yolks to meet their iron deficiency. A raw egg yolk supplies around 0.4 milligram of iron to the body.
• Choline: An egg yolk contains about 300 micrograms of choline

Benefits of consuming raw egg yolk:

A common belief amongst people is that consumption of a raw egg yolk is more beneficial to health as compared to a cooked egg yolk. This is because heat is supposed to destroy the nutrients present in the yolk. Individuals consuming raw egg yolks have reported an increase in stamina, easy digestion and improved immunity. However, there is not much evidence beyond such reports substantiating that egg yolks are more beneficial when taken in a raw form. Similarly, there is little or no evidence supporting the common belief that eating raw egg yolks may put your health to danger.

Egg yolk benefits:

Egg yolk is rich in vitamins and this helps in preventing hair loss while also improving health, sheen and texture of the hair. Egg yolk forms a part of the ancient hair care remedy. They are inexpensive way of treating damaged, dull and falling hair. They shield the hair from pollution, UV rays and chlorine. Egg yolk is deemed to be exceptionally good for eyes health as it is rich in carotenoids that are primary in maintaining good health of the eyes.


So now that you have learnt about the myriad benefits of consuming egg yolks it becomes mandatory to know how to pick the right kind of eggs for utmost benefit. Pastured eggs are believed to be high in nutrition. Always check for freshness quotient, see whether the egg you are about to consume is fresh. If a weird smell is coming out of it, do not eat it. If a crack is visible on the outer layer of an egg, do not eat it.