Knowing some alternative acne treatments

Curing your acne fast

Treating acne can be quite simple if you consider a number of acne skin care secrets. In order to have that glowing skin that you have always wanted you do not need to spend a lot of money because there are natural methods that you can try out. The following are some of the methods which you can try out:


It is said that oil is thicker than water. However, water plays a very important role when it comes to taking care of our skin. When you wash your face with this natural substance ensure that you do it gently. In order to have the best effect make certain that you make use of a mild cleanser and toner 3 times a day. You should also wash your face after every exercise session.

Picking zits

It is important to note that every time you pick those zits you are only making the problem worse. Basically, all it does is it aggravates inflammation of the skin and acne scars. If you want to see an improvement in your skin avoid touching your face as much as you can.

Shaving with care

When it comes to shaving make sure that you opt for safety razors and electric shavers which you have used and trusted for years. You will find that they will be better to use in terms of comfort. As for males there is no need to make use of super sharp blades to shave your beards. To achieve that smooth finish you simply need a regular shaver which you can use with shaving cream or soap and water. When it comes to acne, it is usually advised to shave lightly and only when its absolutely essential.

The sun and its effects

Many of us love to get that tan at the beach. However, this is something that you want to try to avoid as much as possible. This is because the sun only promotes the acne problem. Ultra violet rays from the sun are harmful as they dry and redden the skin. As a result blemishes become more visible and it also speeds up the aging process. Basically, the sun can seriously damage the sin. To add on to that too much exposure to the sun can lead to the development of skin cancer.


In order for your skin care regimen to work, it is essential that you avoid things such as eye shadows, blush on as well as moisturizers which contain oily substances. You should also try to avoid using hair products in the form of aerosols and gels which do come in contact with your facial skin because they have the potential of disrupting your acne skin care regimen. Rather opt for hair products which are not comedogenic because such products do not promote the development of skin blemishes and other disorders.

Buttered face

There is an African beauty secret which is known to help you with your acne problem. This is known as shea butter. It originated from the tree known as the Mangifolia tree. People discovered this tree in West and Central Africa, in the savannahs. A lot of women in Africa use this butter as treatment for acne.

The Spa

There is no need for you to spend your money on those expensive spa treatments anymore. You can simply have your own spa treatment in the comfort of your home. All that you have to do is to buy the ingredients in your local beauty store. Also try to consume a lot of fruits and vegetables. They are free of toxins and this means that blood circulation is not disrupted.

It should be noted that when it comes to acne there is no ideal cure or treatment. That is why it is your responsibility to take care of your own skin the best way you can and try to find that which works for you.