Acne is an inflammatory skin disorder that can lead to depression and loss of confidence. Acne attacks are frustrating and can lower the self-esteem of the sufferer. If you have severe acne problem,you need to consult a dermatologist. But, if your acne problem is mild you can get rid of acne by following some simple acne treatment plans like over-the-counter creams, home remedies, or natural acne remedies, etc.

Best Acne Treatment Methods:

Effective acne treatment steps:

  • Wash your face twice a day with lukewarm water.
  • Clean your acne with mild acne soap.
  • Avoid scrubbing acne otherwise it will intensify inflammation.
  • Wipe your face gently with wet tissues after each time you go out.
  • Apply cream, gel, liquid, or ointment which contains benzoyl peroxide. This is very effective as it helps to remove the dirt that is accumulated in the skin pores and when this is removed acne healing procedure starts.

Applying salicylic acid on acne also has proved to be very beneficial. It helps to dry up the oil and greasy dirt. If your acne is caused by bacteria, you can apply azelaic acid. This acid will kill the bacteria that are responsible for acne and pimple formation.

Of course there are much more natural home remedies that can help ypu get rid of acne and improve your skin condition. If you would like to find more remedies, there are many useful articles at Infobarrel that can help you. I can recommend you to search for some information on aloe vera acne removal, baking soda, tea tree and jajoba oil. These natural ingredients are proven to be very effective and many people have already solved their skin problems using them.


There are some other treatments of acne also which are taken under the supervision of a dermatologist or primary care physician. You must consult you doctor prior considering these alternative medications. They are: You can take oral antibiotics if your acnes are painful and pus-filled. Dermatologist also prescribes oral contraceptives to adult women. In order to alleviate the pain, doctor may make some incision and drain out the pus to give relief. Steroid injections are also prescribed to lessen the inflammation and reduce the pain. 

Acne can also be treated with home remedies but it requires a lot of patience on your part. But the greatest advantage of these home remedies is that it has no side effects and are safe and natural.