Get rid of one of a teenager's life problems - pimples

Best acne treatments that will work for you

The major group of people who struggle with acne is teenagers. This is due to the fact that teens are dealing with hormonal changes and body development. Sex hormones influence the production of acne through the sebaceous glands, so the more that these develop, the more the condition will affect the skin.

Everyone understands that dealing with acne is difficult. Instead of the common myth that teen acne means bad skin, it is actually a mere developmental stage of life.

In clinical studies, those who suffer from acne often feel depressed and may become suicidal. This is very alarming, considering the fact that acne is treatable through education and effective treatment. Teenagers are especially hit hard by bad cases of acne. At this age, the self-esteem is very delicate and anything that causes the appearance to become worse, will cause a decrease in self-worth.

Despite this, less than ten percent of teenagers who have acne will visit a dermatologist to become diagnosed and treated. Many people believe in using alcohol and peroxide based products because they can lessen the number of bacteria on the skin and clean it properly. However, these tend to dry out the skin to an unhealthy level and actually make the condition worse.

There is a direct connection between stress and acne outbreaks. Every teenager is obsessed with their complexion. The best answer for acne can best be discovered with a visit to a dermatologist. These skin experts will be able to recommend a skin routine or medication to clear up the acne.

Here are some helpful tips for teenagers who are dealing with acne:

-- Treatment

There are many different over the counter remedies that work well to treat acne. Choose a product for treatment that contains retinoids and benzoyl peroxide. These will give the best results.

-- Moisturize

Moisturizing is essential for acne treatment. Most products try to eliminate oils from the skin. This will dry the skin and make it scaly. For this treason, moisturizing is a necessity. Moisturizer will help to replace some oil without bringing on an outbreak.

--  Clean

Always wash the face in a gentle manner with a quality soap that is made specifically for the facial area. Use an antibacterial soap if acne is a problem. Always dry the face well.

-- Vitamin A. This nutrient is one of the most promising ingredients that treat acne. Search for products that contain vitamin A and integrate them into a daily skin care regime. Retinoids are a product of vitamin A and they are very effective to treat acne. Products with vitamin A can be applied directly to the skin instead of ingested internally.

-- Benzoyl Peroxide

This ingredient is one of the most common among products that fight acne. It improves oily skin, kills bacteria, and removes dead skin cells. When used in a combination with topical treatments, this ingredient has proven to reduce acne and improve the overall quality of the skin.

Adults and teens alike can suffer from bouts of acne. However, it is important to understand that there are effective adult and teenage acne treatments and cures available. When acne becomes very severe, it is best to consult a dermatologist for more help. In no time, the skin can become clearer.