Acne treatments that work

Effective treatments for adults who have acne and pimples

Over the course of a lifetime, many people will suffer from acne at some point. Adolescents are commonly plagued with this condition but poor skin is just as likely to be an issue for adults. People with this condition notice a lack in self-confidence and often become depressed. Many people will wash the face with various types of soaps and attempt a series of home remedies that can actually make the condition worse. Here are some adult acne care tips that will help anyone with this troubling condition.

If you suspect you have acne, make an appointment with a local dermatologist for a consultation. A professional can make suggestions for various treatments available at any local pharmacy. Products containing benzoyl peroxide are usually effective. Other products contain various chemicals, including chlorhexidine gluconate, triclosan and salicylic acid. Any of these products may work but it is best to ask a physician before using any of these items.

Acne is caused by blocked pores. The blockage is typically underneath the skin surface. Washing alone will not remove the blockage and too much washing will eliminate the oil found naturally in the skin. People with acne should avoid using hot water and stick to lukewarm water instead.

Using a variety of soaps is something that will aggravate the condition. Soaps designed specifically to tackle acne and moisturizers are the best tools to battle acne.

Sufferers should be patient when treating acne. It can take from four to six weeks for the condition to subside. Some difference will be noticeable within a couple weeks but it is important to remember that there is no magic cure for this condition. The medicine must have enough time to work and most doctors advise patients to continue treatment for a minimum of one week after the acne has gone away. A supplement called acuzine has been show to promote healthy skin. The various ingredients, including hydrolyzed collagen and aloe vera work together to make the skin strong.