You may think that success depends largely on your skill, but the truth is that proper attitude and effective communication are important factors that contribute to your success. Effective communication is all about how ell people understand us and how we have expressed ourselves. The effectiveness of communication is never determined by how well we speak or write. The receiving party is always the focus of determining how effective a communicator we have been.

Communication is an important source of power. Failure to communicate effectively has brought large corporation to their knees. Employees experience great stress dissatisfaction with work environment and subsequently become disengaged. All these happen because of the failure of communication between the employees and executive.

In order to communicate effectively it is necessary to achieve personal mastery. Achieving personal mastery would imply a change in attitude and perspective. Communication is a core component of building relationship, and the greatest relationship we can have is a relationship with our inner self. It follows then that the way we communicate with the inner self would greatly impact the way we communicate with the outside world. Communicators who have achieved a high level of personal mastery are able to exhibit a high level of openness in engaging their others in their interaction with them.

Self mastery helps us to deal with difficult situation in a more pleasant manner. The inner relationship we have developed helps us to showcase a much more supportive communication towards others. This becomes more evident when dealing with feed back or what you may otherwise call constructive criticism. Everyone should be able to give and receive criticism, this is the means by which we develop an effective feedback mechanism. Personal mastery enables us to develop mechanism to effectively take care of our emotions such that they do not interfere with how we interpret such feedbacks; also self mastery enables us to look at things in a very objective manner.

Effective communication achieved through personal mastery would assist anyone to be more adept at solving problems effectively. Communication helps clarify what the key issues are and granting a deeper understanding which in turns leads to a faster and more definite solution to the problem. Without effective communication there can be no effective leadership. The ideal way is to give criticism as suggestion so that it can be well received by subordinates and would serve as an encouragement.

Self mastery thus encourages effective communication because the individual has a definite internal conversation already and can thus effectively project himself to be well understood.