Forming effective Craigslist ads are the most critical component of launching a successful campaign.  A quality ad is strong from start to finish.  If at any point, your ads falters in creating a sense of trust and a reason for the reader to take action, then you conversion rates will tumble.  There are a number of different strategies available, however they all have several of the same core components as part of their recipe.  Here is a quick look at some things that must be done in order to create effective Craigslist ads.

Standout Headlines

If there is one thing that is an absolute must in order to create effective Craigslist ads it is a headline that captures your target audiences attention.  Keep in mind that your headline will be competing with hundreds of others and if yours does not standout, it will simply blur into the background.  Every target market is a little different so don't hesitate to continually test out different types of headlines in order to find out what your market reacts to.

Visual Appeal

Another thing that all effective Craigslist ads have in common is that they are visually appealing  For some this means nothing more than picture, much like a brochure, whereas others require much more text, with one or two smaller pictures.  Again, it depends on what you are promoting and who you are marketing to in order to decide what works the best.  The key is to make sure that it looks organized and draws the eye to your link or contact information.

Focus on Local

While this isn't true for all markets, creating some type of local connection should be considered essential.  People don't use Craigslist to look at nation advertisements, they are looking for something in their area.  By creating a local connection, you can get a leg up over all of the generic ads that people use.

Keep It Short

Always remember that you are creating a classified ad, not a novel or even an article.  They should be as short as possible, while still getting your point across.  In most cases, no more than two or three short paragraphs or groups of bullet points are required.  If you find yourself continually creating long ads, then it likely means that you need to take some time and refocus your message and your priorities.

Give Them a Reason to Click

Finally, effective Craigslist ads are designed for a single purpose, to get the reader to take action.  Normally, this is getting them to click on a link, however it could also be to send an email or call your business.  There are several keys to accomplishing this.  First, you need to make sure that you don't tell them everything in the ad.  It is important that they need to take action to get that last bit of information.  Second, you need to tell them what to do.  Never assume that they will do something if you don't direct them to it.

While there are a number of different ways that you can use to create effective Craigslist ads, these 5 core components are a part of every one.