Acne treatments that work

Home remedies to treat your acne effectively

When you are a teenager, your self-esteem is developing and you are learning how to put your best face forward as you interact with people. It is a time to have fun, be social and meet lots of new people without having to worry about how you look.

During these years, having an acne breakout all over your face and other parts of your body can mean the end of the world to you. Teenagers judge each other by the way they dress, look and act so use a homemade pimple treatment to keep your skin clear and healthy looking.

How do natural acne cures help get rid of pimples and breakouts?

Along with using your own remedy to treat acne, learn how to take proper care of your skin to eliminate the outbreaks in the first place. By following a simple cleansing routine each day you can reduce the bacteria on your skin that leads to pimples. Thoroughly clean and dry any areas of the body that routinely break out. Use water and a cleanser on your face at least twice a day to keep the pores from clogging.

Always use gentle circular motions when washing your face instead of rubbing harshly as friction on the skin can cause the sebum to create excess oil on your face. This leads to increased breakouts. The same reaction will occur if you use a strong cleanser that strips the skin of moisture.

Traditionally, natural acne treatments have been composed of plant products and other additives. Skin care has advanced in recent years but natural remedies are still useful today.

In ancient Egypt, Cleopatra took milk baths to keep her skin looking youthful and soft. Now the tradition continues with facial masks made from eggs, flour and milk, applied to the skin to keep it looking fresh. Milk has been reducing inflammation for hundreds of years.

In ancient Greece a traditional remedy that people used was slathering honey all over their face to keep the skin clear. Recently, a certain type of New Zealand honey called Manuka has been discovered and used by trendsetters. People love the antibacterial benefits it offers. Honey is a main ingredient in many natural skincare remedies. You can make a homemade face cream out of honey, kaolin and the juice of an onion. Apply this cream to your skin daily to prevent acne breakouts.

In the past, avocado has also been used to keep skin looking healthy. Ancient peoples were firm believers in the healing and nourishing powers of avocados. An ancient Chinese medical treatment for acne outbreaks consists of a mixture of almonds, wheat germ and avocado.

Other natural recipes for clear, acne free skin incorporate vegetables and fruit into their ingredients. Items that you can find in your refrigerator or at the supermarket can be used to help treat and prevent breakouts.

Here are a few recipes that use fruits and vegetables to treat skin:

1. Combine squeezed lemons, mashed tomatoes the essence of witch hazel

2. Use toothpaste to dry out zits

3. Mix castor oil with ground petals from a marigold and apply to skin

4. Make a paste out of sandalwood and ground basil leaves

5. Mash up garlic cloves and apply to areas affected by acne

6. Grate apple and mix well with honey to create a soothing mask

7. Grind up the pods and leaves of drumsticks them mix with lime juice to form a paste

8. Groundnut oil can be combined with honey juice for a skin toner

9. Boil milk and mix with lemon juice for a clarifying effect

10. Mint essence can be applied to problem areas

11. Sandalwood can be ground to a fine powder and thickened with rose water

12. Mix together the powder of pomegranates and lemon juice to clear skin

13. Papaya juice can also help with acne

Make these acne treatments at home with simple, natural ingredients. Save money by treating your skin with the things you already own.