Many people are familiar with composting and there are discussions which is the best composter. However bokashi composting is a totally new method. Only a starter culture is required to make the culture grow indefinitely. EM technology is used for that culture. Bokashi contains also molasses, water and wheat brain and is an indoor composter.

Kitchen waste will be put into a bucket and the bucked will be sealed with an air tight lid. There are different layers of Bokashi and food scraps inside the bucket. This will be done until there is no more space inside. You have to drain the liquid one or two times a week. The liquid can be used to fertilize plans.  A big benefit is that there is is no smelling. It is more convenient if you put a small bin on the kitchen sink and empty the rubbish in the big bucket later. You can use one 5 litre mix for up to 4 months. If you want to do the mix from scratch you should look for a step by step guide. However it will take some time. There is one advantage over worm farming because you are more flexible what to put in the bin. Worms can be too sensitive when it comes to onions or citrus peels.
Composting will be faster when you use the bin compared to a conventional compost approach. This well be better for the environment as well because the slower process causes more greenhouse gases. Last but not least it’s a time-saving solution.

Surprisingly Effective microorganism is a trademark and there are different types of products available. The technology was developed in Japan by Professor Dr. Teruo Higa.
He tried to find an innovative method to use microorganisms which should be natural. In his opinion traditional farmers became to independent on chemicals. The challenge was to find the right combination of microbes. He named them Effective Microorganism or EM technology.

There is a lot of controversy about the Effective Microorganism concept because of a lack of scientific evidence. Microbiologists claim that it is difficult to reproduce the results so that they are consistent. Other research is done about Bokashi as a bio-control agent and EM technology for organic fertilizers.
My opinion is that scientific evidence is not the most important thing if it comes to a kitchen compost container. I suggest you to try it and to see the benefits.