Effective Organization for Office

Effective Organization for Office

If you're one of the millions of people working from a home office you need to be as productive as possible to stay focused and to earn the money you need. Time is money and you need an office that is organized so that everything has a place and is handy when you want it. Unorganized offices waste precious time searching for papers, bills, notes, deadline dates, phone numbers, books and inspiration.

If you're looking for tips on how to get your office organized for the most productivity so you can spend less time searching for papers and supplies in your office, this article will guide you through the steps to getting it done.

Start with one item on the list if unable to complete it all at once or work on organizing the office a half hour a day until the job is completed. Vow to start organizing so you can have peace of mind and room to think.

Organization for Office

Things you'll need:


File cabinets – if you have papers scattered around your office and desk, get a simple filing cabinet that you can store away in a closet to make more room for yourself and have easy, fast access to your papers. File papers that you don't need daily.

Desk with Chair and File Drawers

Clean off your desk

Keep only your computer, a lamp, clock, pens, pencils, calculator, stapler and photo of your inspiration on the desktop. Clear off anything from the desktop that you really don't need or use to help you stay organized and focused on your work.

Throw away any papers from your desk that you no longer need

Get a few shelving organizers to keep on your desktop for things you need to do daily or weekly

Drawers – keep the paperwork that you access frequently in the desk drawers. If you don't have desk drawers get a few smaller sized file cabinets or file boxes to keep under the desk. Label manila folders that can hold all your important papers.

Garbage Bags – toss anything and everything that is not needed in your office, it's probably outdated and not necessary.

Paper Shredder – shred any papers not needed and send to the recycling bin. Stay on top of papers that enter your office and shred or file immediately to keep a clean and uncluttered office.

Donation Containers – gather any items that you could donate if in good condition if not office related. Avoid keeping knickknacks and such in a working office that clutter the space and distract from the task at hand.

Bookcases – keep all your necessary work at home office books nearby for inspiration, research or referral in a bookcase near your desk.

Work table – add a small work table if you use one in your office for projects, mailings, packing or crafts. Keep a couple of clear containers with lids for your related supplies under the work table.

Organizing Office

Once you've removed all the clutter, excess paperwork and garbage from the office give it a thorough cleaning starting with the walls and working down to the floor. Wash the walls, dust the furniture and fans, wash the window and window covering and shampoo the carpets. Once you have a clean and organized office, vow to keep it that way for your most productive work – you'll get much more accomplished and much faster in your new clean organzied office.

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