It doesn't matter if  you're a freelance writer or have your own website, It's essential to realize the importance of correct SEO content writing. It's the key to numerous things...One is to help your website rank higher for the keywords you have chosen and secondly, it defines the quality of your website. Knowing this how can you write good content that will increase the number of visitors you'll get? I hope this article will help you with the tips and suggestions that I have included.

>>>> First, Keep Your Content Fresh...When you're trying to rank your website/article why is it so important to consider SEO Content Writing? Plainly put it's a major addition to your optimization methods for your website. You may have heard [it keeps your website content fresh], and it's no secret that the search engine bots love to crawl websites that are often updated with new content.

So keep updating your content with new posts or even rewriting some paragraphs and adding some photos. If you're like most of us writers we sometimes use article writing services to help with having fresh content.

>>>> Second, Picking Your Keywords...You must have the basics in place. Before you spend hours writing your content it's vital that you do your keyword research to find other similar keywords and phrases that is about the content of your website. A good rule of thumb is to look for keywords that are low competition. How can you do this?

Use Google's free keyword tool to find a list of keywords related to your main keyword. Then enter your keyword in Google and do an [exact] match search to find keywords with 30,000 or less results. Ideally you would want to target long tail keywords, there usually less competitive.

>>>> Thirdly, Keyword Placement...OK now that you've you finished your keyword research, put this keyword in your title. [that's the main keyword]. And if your content is approximately 400 to 500 words, put it once in the first paragraph, again somewhere in the middle, and in the last paragraph. This is vital since depending on the keyword, your article can be hard to read or it can come across as spammy since it uses the keyword to many times. So keep it to a minimum. Many article writers are forgeting about this simple seo method.

>>>> Fourthly, Other Keyword Placement...There are other critical places in your website where you can use your keyword and your list of related keywords/phrases, this is important, and you should be doing it. Most websites will have a place to use a [meta description] and you'll want to put your keyword/keywords there to. If your using a blog make sure your enter your keywords as tags. Another place often missed is the alt text for your image [if you are putting an image with your content]. If you are using Word press, I recommend you the plug-in called [all in one SEO].

These are the most common tips and methods that you should be using to help you with good SEO content writing. It's actually not that difficult, the most difficult part may be finding the keywords that are less competitive. But other than that, with continual practice, your writing will become more search engine friendly. And incidentally, never put your human readers ahead of the search bots. Always remember your reader is the one that comments or bookmarks your site.