Effective Squeeze Pages: Do You Know The Critical Factors?

If you're wanting to create your list, it's a good strategy to use a squeeze page.  Effective squeeze pages, sometimes known as landing pages, are an easy way of collecting your potential customers information like their name and email often even their street address and phone number.  It is an ideal way to promote your products or services after you have this information.

If you are going to be building effective squeeze pages, you must know exactly what the important elements are when you are creating and designing this page to help it work better for you.  The more effective you get with this, the higher percentage of site visitors will opt in to the email list when visiting these pages.

The subscriber form must be above the fold.

Whenever a visitor arrives at this page, the form to opt in to the subscriber list should be in plain sight with out having to scroll down.  If your customer ought to scroll, most skip the chance to join your mailing list.  This is a massive oversight if you ignore this point.

The headline will have to deliver the proper message.

The headline can't be lame or boring.  It should be something that is fascinating enough that your visitor will need more information and feel compelled to join your list.  This is hard to get right on the first try.  You will have to analyze various ones to find the more effective ones.

You need short paragraphs or bullets points.

These are brief characteristics or advantages about why your audience would want to complete the form.  These could be incentives like a totally free download, offer, discount, or program.  Don't make these too long.

Have testimonials or reviews on the page if relevant.

Dependant upon what you really are advertising, using a few ratings and testimonials isn't an awful idea.  This provides your visitor a good option of personal advantages that others have experienced when becoming a member of this list.

Finally, you'll need to test the various components on the page for performance.

What this means is testing each component the page with an alternative one at a time.  This would consist of different video, audio tracks, graphics, words, and color combos.  Continually alter these, testing each component until you find the most effective ones.