Step by Step

Effective time management techniques are very important resources and cannot simply be replaced. It will surely increase your personal productivity.


Being able to use the most of your time will give you more fulfillment in life as well as many advantages that some people lack. There are useful techniques you can use that would affect everything that you do.

You should know them to improve your knowledge, utilize and develop them for your best advantage of maximizing your precious time.

Priority Is First!

The way of effective time management techniques is doing it by sequence in order for things to be easier for you.

Your tasks can be accomplished with better quality and success if you can apply this simple principle well.

In order for you to make this work you should set your priorities first. What does this mean you might ask?

Priorities are simply ranking and doing first the things that are most important and has more "weight" over other things. These are the tasks that require getting finished immediately so you can fulfill what is needed at the moment which will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Top priorities should be fulfilled first because they are the most important ones. Failure to do this would most likely affect the rest of your priorities even the minor ones. You should do things step by step whichever should be done first and give focus on it until it gets done, then go to the second and so on...

Listing Down and Scheduling

The next procedure you should take for effective time management techniques is to list down your tasks in order.

This include the ones that are going to be done first according to priority going down to the least significant or which can be postponed or even skipped.

In order to increase your productivity you should schedule these different tasks you have according to "time frames" or "periods" where they would fit best.

For example: If you have 24 hours in a day, you must learn how to divide that amount with your tasks accordingly and meaningfully.

Each task would have different lengths of hours and minutes to complete, some may be shorter but others may be longer to work on. You should give the proper amount of period for each task according to demand, not sacrificing quality and expectation.

Consider this, if you don't plan right now during the early stages problems and regrets may happen later on which can discourage you and make things more complicated for you.

A careful preparation while it may take you some patience will benefit you much in whole course of your activities.

This is the time for you to think well of every possible thing to happen and make the necessary adjustments and changes that are best to be done.

Your Personal Tools

Effective time management techniques include doing things with more accuracy.

This is by using the right time management tools for "structuring" and organizing your schedule.

These are some of the handy tools that are available which are not hard to acquire at all.

1. A Daily Planner - This is a paper-based support and guide you can use for managing your schedule.

This includes each hour of the day where you'll list down each task you're going to do within the whole 24 hours. You should not forget to note down important reminders in the "Notes" section of this tool.

This planner acts like a to-do list but more detailed with the things that can help you manage your time better.

2. A Weekly Planner - Like the daily planner you can use this for your whole day scheduling however this tool has a more advanced function in which you can plan and write down your schedule for the whole seven days of the week.

They are listed side by side from Sunday to Saturday, all 7 days of the week.

You can compare your schedules for each day and adjust them so you can avoid conflicts and run your tasks smoothly. You can place your tasks where they fit the most according to day, time and commitments.

3. A Monthly Planner - This tool works as an overall monitor for your appointments and events during the month. This one acts like a calendar with large spaces for each date where you can mark down events and occasions.

This is useful for avoiding those important dates and it helps you to scan your whole month concerning the summary of each day.

Monthly planners can be customized according to the month you're using it. You should label the month and year accordingly and write down the dates for each day of the month.

As Important As Working

Something important for effective time management techniques that most people forget when they're doing their daily tasks is "Work-Life Balance."

This is a way of keeping you productive while maintaining your well-being.

You should know that relaxation and leisure time is as important as work in order to create balance in life.

If you just keep on working and working without rest and personal fun you'll eventually "crack down" due to over-stress and "burnout." You'll surely don't want this to happen and it would make hard for you to bring back your pacing once you experience this.

When this happens you may lose your motivation for work altogether and you might find it hard to bring back the momentum you'll need in order to accomplish different things.

Giving time for relaxation and enjoyment releases stress and will make your body recover, rejuvenating your well-being. This is important for effective time management techniques.

When you go back to working with your tasks you'll find out that you've become more energetic and you'll be able to accomplish more. This should be part of your personal lifestyle.


Effective time management techniques are helpful and doable you just have to do things step by step with the guidance of right principles.

Thanks for reading,